Hi there, I’m Julia

I’m a backpacker who likes to head off the beaten track now and again and do things like work on a remote cattle station; live in a tent for 6 weeks; or fake it as a chef. While I do like having these little adventures, I’m also a sucker for popular tourist spots like Sydney, Las Vegas and Barcelona. Most of my travels have revolved around Australia, so far (this is only the beginning!).

My Travel Hiccups

I’ve found, as I’m sure most travellers have, that exploring new places can get you into some funny, awkward, scary and downright embarrassing situations, and I’m here to unashamedly share them all with you, as well some tips and guides that you may find useful.

I also want to embrace all the mistakes that I’ve made while travelling because every mistake along the way taught me a valuable lesson, which is why I call them “Hiccups” rather than “Disasters”.

My Faults as a Traveller…

I do tend to over-pack (I really can’t help it) and sometimes my travel plans don’t really go to plan, so to speak. Therefore, as the tagline says, “I travel slowly with a lot on my back” and this is why I’ve compared myself to the lovely animal that is the armadillo (you were waiting for me to explain the name weren’t you?)

Why I Mainly Travel Slowly

I’m trying to see the world one step at a time, because, well, it’s one of the few things in life that I was ever certain I wanted to do, so why not stretch it out!? Backpacking around Australia showed me a different side of travel – I didn’t just go there and take pictures with various landmarks and leave, but I didn’t just work in an office in Sydney either. I found a balance between working and travelling – mostly through choosing interesting jobs, that I would never have done back in Ireland.

My Inspiration

I want to inspire others to travel too – even if it is just for a one-year working holiday visa. People may tell you that some places are too far away and that a year is a long time – well, spending the rest of your life stuck in one place, maybe escaping for a couple of weeks a year, will feel a lot longer. I’ve been there and back and it went by in an instant, which is why I’m travelling again and will keep travelling again and again.