10 Ways to Travel Around the World with a Few Bucks – Summer Vacation 2014

By on June 19, 2014

Summer starts from this weekend, and below mentioned are the 10 best ways to make you move around with a few dollars from your wallet.

Bargain spot for the budget travelers

The Greek islands are flooded with many numbers of tourists during the month of July and August. The country has been facing some financial crisis and the numbers of visitors in the recent months have decreased in numbers. This has made the prices drop down and it is the best destination for any backpacker who is looking for a bargain spot.

Dream Islands turn into a steal

According to the Priceline, the average room rate during the summer season in Maui is about $188.  Staying in one of the many Maui condo rentals can really change your experience, it may cost a little more but when you split it between many people it is really worth it. This average room rate has dropped down when compared to the previous year.

Cost-effective places

The beach vacation is the best and the only option if you are in search for a cost-effective vacation. Theme parks and the cruises are some of the other cost-effective places.

Ways to Travel Around the World

Get hand with the cheapest beer

Warsaw, Prague, Berlin, Dublin, Lisbon and Mexico City are the few places in the world where one can get hold of the cheapest beer with a fine taste. The cheap rate beers are available only at the stores and not at the bars or at the pubs.

Easy to Afford Business Class

JetBlue Mint offers a premium service with high-end drinks and food, flat seats and cost-effective.

Get satisfied with your Airline Seat Space

The AirTran Airways, owned by Southwest provides the best value for every dollar that has been spent by their customers to fly off. JetBlue has been recorded for satisfying all their customers irrespective of their ticket prices.

Spend less while staying in the U.S.

A night at the Sin City can charge about $276 and it is much cheaper when compared to San Francisco. You can get the best hotel with dinner, taxi and even a cocktail for two at this price rate.

Cheap home base for every traveler

Travelers who reside in Washington and Chicago get benefited by the cheapest home bases that are available for them. According to WalletHub, they have the cheapest flight departure option in the whole U.S.

The best credit card

CardHub has been recorded as the best credit card that has been widely used by many travelers to spend for their flights, hotels and much more. The Barclays Arrival Plus card has a 40,000 bonus that is equivalent to $400.

Cheap Flights to Europe

The Norwegian Air has been trying their best to expand their services between the U.S. and Europe. They have even offered a round trip worth $500 and it is a low-cost service. The Norwegian subsidiaries have been operating with their transatlantic services and they have the future of all the international flights in the upcoming years.

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