How to Travel on a Budget

By on December 13, 2014

We tell people time and time again that travelling doesn’t have to be a terrifyingly expensive endeavour that you put off again and again. Travel can be a life changing experience, and thanks to the world we now live in it is an affordable experience available to so many of us. Here are a few straight forward tips on how to make sure you’re getting the best value for money on your travels, wherever they might take you.



There are so many ways to grab yourself a great deal on airline tickets now days. If you’re the sensible and prepared type you can of course book your tickets months in advance with your preferred airline and save a huge amount. If you don’t have a preferred airline then you have no excuse not to use one of the hundreds of flights comparison services the internet now offers, use a few to find which one has the best deal for you.

If you’re more of a risk taker you can wait til the last minute and attempt to find a great deal just before you head off, this works great if you’re not so fussy about where you’re going or if you’re planning a trip to a very popular destination that almost always has some kind of last minute deal going.

Another tip, consider looking for flights to a less major airport near to your destination and driving the difference in a hired car, you’d be surprised how much difference such a small change can make in terms of price sometimes.

Car hire

Car hire

Car hire, like airline flights, is now easier than ever to arrange from the comfort of your own home. There are dozens of comparison services for care hire to help you shop around and find the best deal. The same rules apply here as when searching for flights, don’t jump on the first deal you’re offered.

Also be wary to only get the car you need, smaller cars are not only cheaper but far more fuel efficient and therefore economic. If you really want to save extra you can decline the car insurance offered to you by the car hire company and shop around for an even cheaper deal.

Getting around

If you’re travelling to a major city look into whether or not they have any kind of travel scheme in place before you. The key here is prior planning, you may find in many places that public transport works differently than you expected and its always best to be prepared if you don’t want to overspend. Forums of expats from your country living in your destination country can be a great place to ask some questions and learn some insider secrets.



The first thing to consider when organising your accommodation is location, what do you want to be close to and how close do you need to be? Staying a few miles off the beaten track could save you serious money and whilst you’ll have to find suitable travel arrangements to get about it could still be an overall better choice. There are lots of other options for finding accommodation beyond cheap hotels and hostels now too, if you’ve never heard of couch surfing check it out on Google, there are lots of sites offering to mediate the process. Home swapping has become much easier in recent years too, but of course that’s dependant on you having a home to swap, so it may not be for everyone. On a final note, as always, shop around with various agents / hotels / campsites to find the best deals.

Having fun


So now you’ve saved all this money being thrifty with your necessary expenses, how can you get the most for your money when living it up away from home? Many of the lessons you’ve already learnt are applicable here. Local knowledge (there’s lots out there on the internet) can mean you find some great things to do for affordable local prices. By all means don’t deny yourself the pleasures of the touristy attractions you enjoy, but don’t be afraid to try something a little less common too! There are lots of places online now to get vouchers and discounts for all sorts of things, even abroad, so be sure to check out if there are any sites that cater specifically to your destination. Most of all when it comes to having fun, make sure you spend the money on whatever you want, whether you’re travelling alone or with people make sure you don’t spend money on something you personally consider a waste. Its your holiday, so live it however you want!

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