Thailand on a Budget

By on December 13, 2014

For years people have thought of Thailand as an affordable place to travel. The face of travel has certainly changed as increasingly cheap flights have become prevalent and previously difficult to access places become closer. Despite this wider change, Thailand has remained one of the few places in the world where you can still travel on an impressively tight budget without compromising your trip in any significant way. All the necessities can be found cheaply, alongside a great selection of activities and adventures catered to the needs of all kinds of travelers. Of course if you don’t want a busy holiday Thailand still has the idyllic beaches that were one of the major factors in its increasing popularity.

Getting there

As already mentioned flights are only getting cheaper and cheaper, bringing previously far away destinations much closer. The advice here is simple and may seem obvious, but make sure you apply all the tips for maximum savings! Firstly we recommend you’re flexible when booking flights, you can easily half the price of your flight if you’re willing to depart or arrive at unsociable hours. Timing is very important, there are two tactics to take here; you can keep checking plenty of time in advance to ensure a great deal or you can try and wait it out last second for a great deal at the last minute. Personally we recommend the former, as it’s a little less risky.

Thailand on a Budget

Getting around

When you’re just heading small distances we recommend hopping in a taxi or a rickshaw (known as tuk tuks locally), you could even hope in a boat in certain places! If you’re going to use one of these options, make sure you ask for a meter to be used to ensure you don’t get ripped off. It can’t hurt to ask around or do some research to try and educate yourself on what a reasonable fare for your area is.

For going longer distances you’d be wise to make use of Thailand’s excellent rail network. In the north the network connects to Chiang Mai and Laos and in the south you can find transport to Hat Yai (just north of Malaysia). You can book tickets before you go (up to 60 days in advance) and you could even book one of many sleeper carriages if you fancy the experience of an overnight travel (not to mention saving money on accommodation!). If trains don’t work for your journey, the bus network is also well established and very affordable.

Staying in comfort

You’ll certainly be surprised what your money could get you in terms of accommodation in Thailand, a luxury 5 star hotel room could cost as little as £50 a night! However don’t necessarily be tempted to splash out, cheaper places (from £3 a night!) are also very pleasant to stay in and with the money you save you can enjoy your days out of the room far more. We recommend if you’re staying for longer than a week that you inquire about the possibility of a discount.

When it comes to eating out make sure you indulge in the fantastic culture of street food vendors found in Thailand, from the many stalls you could get a meal for as little as 50p. Try to be brave and avoid the tourist establishments, you could pay half price for the same meal if you go to an authentic independent Thai establishment.

Keeping busy

There’s a huge amount to do for tourists in Thailand and by all means you should indulge in some of the experiences your friends have told you all about, we won’t judge your facebook when the full moon party pictures arrive. However take our advice and seek out some entertainment off the tourist trail, you could go see a Thai film for just £2 or wander off the beaten track to do some shopping in some less touristy districts, your spending power will go a long way here so you can relax and enjoy spoiling yourself for once.

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