Debunking Campervan Myths

By on May 20, 2015

I like going out of town for vacations. It’s the perfect alone time that definitely spells relaxation, fun and time away from anything that might cause stress. But planning the logistics for an out of town vacation, the costs, booking the hotels or resort, making the decisions on where to go is sometimes enough for one to wish a vacation away from planning a vacation. Except for that one summer when my friend invited me to go with his family as they go on a cross country road trip. And although I was hesitant in joining them because of the planning hassles I was excited since he mentioned that they will be in charge of everything and my mind was going: no planning, no booking? Count me in!

Come that weekend though I was pretty much surprised when I hear an audible horn in my driveway so early in the morning. I was sort of expecting him to pick me up around 9 but not at 4:00 am. I looked out my window and saw this big shiny RV outside my house. To say that I was panicking was putting it mildly. I’ve heard a lot of RV vacation horror stories that made me not want to be near or inside that type of vehicle. But since I agreed to go with my friend and his family, I have no choice but to put on a brave smiling face and do a quick prep before heading out with them.

And was I glad that I made that choice to join them. Not all of the horror stories is true, some are just myths and camping legends of long ago. Let’s remove some of the common myths shall we?

No more privacy

Most motorhomes have partitions to section off different areas inside. The bunk bed which me and my friend shared (with me at the top) has a cover. Each window has a curtain or blinds and one can definitely enjoy some privacy as well in the bath. And this alone made me think that maybe on my next vacation I will hire a campervan when I visit Sydney again.

Small space and cramped conditions

I was actually pretty much surprised when I climbed inside the vehicle. It looked like a big bus inside. There was bathroom with a separate toilet, a functioning kitchen with a stove top, oven and dishwasher. There was even a dining area for us to eat and a den like place for us to play videogames or to read books.

Debunking Campervan

Gas shocker and gas thief

I’ve read some stories wherein campervan owners would find garden hoses on their gas tanks as local misfits were trying to siphon off gas away from the vehicle. My friend who has been travelling in a RV during free time for more than several years now told me that this is one story that’s fit for the not true list. And regarding gas prices, comparing the cost of renting a vehicle plus airline tickets or bus tickets add the cost of the hotel the cost of gas for the RV still comes up way cheaper.

Not comfortable

Again this myth was broken when I saw how spacious it was inside the campervan. The couch, the chairs even the bunk beds mattress was so soft I had a hard time waking up.

Nothing to do or see

The nice thing about renting a campervan is you can go anywhere. One day we’re at Bondi bay enjoying the waves and then the next we were travelling towards Dunningham Reserve. We were never out of places to see, things to do and at the most very busy savoring every moment of this vacation.

I could go on and on but I think you get the point. Road tripping in an RV is more fun than you think, it gives you flexibility and convenience since you don’t have to follow timetables or travel itineraries that could stress you out during your vacation.

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