10 Best Romantic Getaway

By on December 24, 2014

So you’ve fallen in love. And you’ve fallen in love so deeply that this feeling fills you entirely and you want to shout it as loudly as you can so that the whole world could hear it. Well, who said it’s not possible? It’s just tiresome daily routine that doesn’t let you go free. Work or studying – there is always something that ruins your dreams. But it’s not right and you know it. If your beloved person really means something to you, then why not organize a getaway. There are so many ways and directions that you can get completely lost, so here is 10 best romantic getaways to choose from. I don’t want to rank them as they all are equally beautiful and have lots of delights to astonish. So here is the list of the best destinations.

New York City

The Big Apple has lots of love to share. Everybody knows that. This never-sleeping city always welcomes lovers at any time. Regardless season it has so much to offer! Romantic carriage ride in Central Park in spring, in winter frosty skating at the Rockefeller Center, shopping, galleries, museums, restaurants, river cruises – how can you ignore all these?

Hayman Island, Queensland, Australia

Crystal waters, miles long sandy beaches and well-known reef conclude a perfect formula for a romantic getaway. All in all, seventy four small and big islands make up the amazing Whitsundays. So, you’re sure to find here a little intimate shelter for you two.

Best Romantic Getaway

Nassau, Bahamas

What people love Bahamas for is a great variety of pastime alternatives. Of course, the main attraction here is waters and beaches but I can’t forget about horseback rides, nightlife, shopping for handmade souvenirs and whatever you like!

Costa Rica

First of all, Costa Rica is known for being an eco-friendly vacation destination. Emerald green rainforests, original landscapes and pure nature make a strong alliance with La Paz Waterfall, Butterfly Gardens and Monteverde Cloud Forest for one of the best romantic getaways.

St. Petersburg

Architecture like in fairy-tale, surreal beauty of imperial Russia, the Church on Spilled Blood, the fabulous Winter Palace and the world-renowned Mariinsky Theater. It’s impossible not to yield to temptation.


You can’t deny that the Finns know how to do everything in style. Wooden interiors, modern cities and welcoming attitude – these are what are you going to meet, if you take your lover to Helsinki for a romantic weekend.

Courchevel, France

For those who can’t resist glamour and style there is one possible solution. Courchevel in France has lots of wonders to impress: Hôtel Cheval Blanc, Givenchy Spa, Vuitton boutique without mentioning marvelous churches, mountain views, nightlife and restaurants. So if you can afford it, don’t think about anything else!


Second-to-none valleys, impressive waterfalls, peaceful small villages, endless beaches, pure waters and intimate spots speak for themselves explaining why Tahiti is considered one of the best romantic getaways in the world.


Do I really have to explain why Paris is in the list? Maybe, there is no other place in the world where just married couples come for their honeymoon in such big numbers… So my advice is: if you want to visit Paris, make it really personal. Skip the most popular tourist spots and discover Paris that will belong only to you two.


No surprise I’ve decided to close the list of 10 best romantic getaways with Venice. Contesting only with above-mentioned Paris this striking city is a real threat to steal your heart and soul. It captures you all at once with its bridges, canals, ancient buildings and unique atmosphere.

Wow! Complete list, isn’t it? So if I’ve given you food for thought, don’t think too long. Just pack your luggage and have the time of your life!

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