Indonesia, Classic Asian Destination

By on February 23, 2015

In Asia the opportunity to enjoy an adventure really appealing is very high and this is possible because in Asia travelers can find great destinations such as Indonesia, which is a destination suitable for the more adventurous can enjoy an experience that is always well worth it, both for the natural charms of this country as many other attractions can be discovered along a pleasant journey, which is really what it comes to when traveling by Asian lands.

Discovering Indonesia

Travelers are slowly discovering Indonesia and indeed is becoming one of the most popular destinations in this part of the world, which is always good news. One of the most impressive attractions are its natural corners, something that always seems to surprise all travelers who come to this country and who are admiring each of the stunning landscape that offers all of them. The nature, exotic cuisine are some of the preferred options for the tourists who make their first trip to Indonesia and intend to take a nice experience this trip so very special.


Within the classic destinations Jakarta is logically one of the most popular, not least because it is the capital of the country and also because usually offers great options for all travelers. One option is to visit some of the most outstanding museums, which is always a good opportunity for tourists and travelers have the opportunity to know more about the culture and history of Indonesia through museums, a good option to take advantage of all available time, although it is recommended to visit the monuments and other old buildings tend to like all tourists and travelers.

Couples Travel to Indonesia

Like a good destination in Asia Indonesia is also a very suitable place for couples to enjoy a vacation the less desirable, as it is a place prepared for couples wanting to have fun and enjoy great hotels well located in the large cities and other destinations. For many couples Asia is a continent with many romantic aspects and certainly Indonesia is one of the highly recommended places for couples to enjoy a trip in the countryside and with a romantic touch most enjoyable, which is always one of the options to consider when traveling this continent.

A good choice for couples to enjoy is to visit the classic Ragunan Zoo, a great way to meet some of the continent’s most exotic animals and especially the famous tigers. Definitely a highly recommended visit for couples who love animals, so they can take advantage of his visit to the city of Jakarta, which logically is one of the greatest interest to all tourists.

Certainly both Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia usually offer entertainment options to enjoy during the day and also at night. For couples it is advisable to enjoy an exotic local food in one of the many good restaurants and Indonesia, where we are sure they will find a very special and pleasant atmosphere, plus great flavors to discover.

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