National Parks in Malaysia

By on November 20, 2014

Going to visit one of the areas of Asia such as Malaysia, definitely planning the trip is what you make it better, that way, you get to knowing what you want to see (although in most cases you are things without seeing it, when you arrive, there’s always something that catches your eye and you do not remember, or think that one or two destinations will not matter to them).

So, of the many destinations you can see, perhaps national parks are not what most programes in your visit but know that they are also striking and leave you a breathtaking view of the Asian region. Do not you wonder how many national parks are there in Malaysia? Here we mention some of the most popular and famous.

Taman Negara, Pahang / Kelantan / Terengganu

Taman Negara, Pahang

National park is bigger than you can find throughout Malaysia with a total of over four thousand square miles that encompasses not only Malaysia but develops through three states in total.

As for the flora and fauna, know that this park is one of the oldest too and not only that, it is also one of the places where you can find many species of the planet. Many refer to this place as Sumatra, tapir, Malayan sun bear, Asian elephant. There are over 300 species of birds and when you visit you will see the difference in their songs (and some not keep silent because you get notice).

Penang National Park, Penang

Penang National Park, Penang

If you and we said that the previous park. Tamen Negara National Park is the largest in Malaysia, Penang National Park has the label of being the smallest of all Malaysian. But still, not bad for a visit. To give you an idea, if the earlier talked about more than four thousand square kilometers, the park has two thousand five hundred acres.

Of course, in those acres you can hang out with their flora and fauna in different habitats they contain. You’ll rock outcrop areas, marshes, wetlands. In fact, the humidity will plant an amazing array impress you. As for animals, monkeys, lemurs, squirrels and several hundred bird species. Add to that the marine park will have a small in size, but rich in other factors may be more important.

Niah National Park, Sarawak

Niah National Park, Sarawak

The remains of the first human known here have almost 40,000 antiquity, when it was said that communities in Southeast Asia lived in the caves of Sarawak network. That’s what you can see here, and the many caves, the Great Cave, a show with an opening of 60 feet leading to a huge cave chamber. Some of the caves are inhabited by deer forests, partridges, long-tailed macaque, tarsier and hornbills.

Endau-Rompin National Park

Endau-Rompin National Park

Waterfalls and some of the most beautiful views of Malaysia’s what you can find here and enjoy hiking around the area. The forests around the park contain a lot of unusual plants, like palm and palm cane. Animal life is also abundant, with cats, bears and boars lurking.

It is easily accessible from Kahang and Bekok in Panang, and tourist guides are usually accompanied with local tribes, as the tribe Jakun.

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