13 Things You Never Knew You Could Do in Bangkok

By on March 29, 2016

First-time visitors to Bangkok often have very little idea of the kind of opportunities and experiences that the city of Bangkok holds in store for them. They are unaware of the traditions and festivals that are unique to Bangkok and hence do not get to discover certain hidden gems and have a memorable traveling experience as many other well-informed tourists have. Regardless of what your interest is in, Bangkok has something special for you. Here we present to you more than a dozen things to do in Bangkok.

Delight your taste buds

Bangkok offers plenty of local traditional Thai cuisine. Even though you may have already had Thai food in your own country, nothing beats the experience of having Thai food like the natives do. Local chefs know what it is like to cook authentic Thai food very well, the way it is meant to be prepared.

One can even go and meet the fishermen community at the village of Bangkrajao. While the village isn’t exactly suited for tourists, anyone visiting it is sure to get a very good private eating experience which very few people know about! The view from this village is also very good.

Go shopping

shopping in Bangkok

Who would be interested to go to an exciting new place and come back empty-handed from there? Nobody, right? That is where the shopping experience comes in. Bangkok is known for its markets. Many of these markets are floating markets. Shopping while being in a boat not only looks very pleasing to the eye but it also becomes an unforgettable experience for the visitor. Many such floating markets offer food. Weekend markets are especially common.This isn’t limited to the typical fruits and vegetables but also freshly cooked food which is prepared on the boats themselves! The ‘Tha Kha’ floating market is also known for long tail boats. There are also markets that are well known for nighttime food as well as shopping for other items.

Become one with nature

Life in Bangkok is not just like that of a typical metro. Bangkok has plenty of beautiful landscapes to offer which make for many picture-perfect moments.

Take a bike ride

bike ride in Bangkok

Fans of cross-country can have off-road fun on their cycles. In addition, it will naturally be good for exercising as well and is an eco-friendly way of sight-seeing the different places in Bangkok. A majority of the cycling happens on weekends but that is usually restricted to the main roads. Since some tourists do not have a guide, they miss out on some other but equally exciting roads for cycling.

Those who prefer to go drive a motorized vehicle can also try their hands on driving a traditional Tuk-tuk and have fun!

Go for a historic journey

Visitors going to Bangkok shouldn’t miss the grandpalace as well as the temple of the Emerald Buddha, also known as Wat Phra Kaew in the local language. The two places also give you a beautiful view of the city. Earlier, the grandpalace used to be the official residence of the king of Thailand. It currently draws visitors in large numbers. Visiting the grandpalace will give you great insights into the history of not just Bangkok but also Thailand as a whole.

Explore the artist in you

A place that has such a rich heritage and traditional customs such as Bangkok surely cannot develop without having its own arts. Bangkok has a canal which not many people know about that is sure to delight those who are fond of the arts. The artist house, which is more than two centuries old, is known as ‘Baan Silapin’ and is situated near the Yai canal. There is even a puppet show that is organized here. The whole atmosphere in this place is very quiet and calm.

Learn a new skill

Lanna lanterns in Bangkok

In terms of arts, Balinese painting has a long tradition. Bangkok offers you the opportunity to learn that as well, with a certificate. You can even learn how to make your own Lanna lanterns. What’s more, you can even choose to become a flower artist at the Pak Khlong Talat market.

Additionally, you can show off to your friends the enviable art of giving a traditional Thai massage, which also can be learnt in Bangkok.

Enjoy the nightlife


Apart from the typical parties that Bangkok is known for, one can even go for walking tours which are held at night. There are also markets which are open at night and allow you to collect valuable antiques and other items of historical importance.

Visit Jim Thompson’s House

Jim Thompson's House

Jim Thompson was a visionary architect who built his house in a large residential area here. His style of building easily stands out among the rest. He collected many items of artistic interest in Asia and had also taken efforts to resurrect Thailand’s silk industry. There are many stories about this house as well as Thompson himself, whose disappearance in 1967 remains a mystery.

Tour the riverside

One can get to meet the Kadeejeen community, which has a fascinating history that spans several years. This is also a place where you will get to meet plenty of people having different racial and national backgrounds, unlike the rest of Thailand.

Carve your name on fruits

Carving fruits is a traditional activity in Thailand. Bangkok hosts many such workshops where visitors can attend and learn the skill of carving on fruits. There are even workshops that teach you how to cook bananas to how to taste tea!

Visit a theater

Bangkok hosts many performances that entertain the audience and make them aware about the history and many fascinating stories about the culture of the people here. For example, the traditional ‘Fawn dance’ is very popular here. Visitors shouldn’t miss the dance, especially for the emotions that it portrays.

Watch a local boxing match

local boxing match

Like many other countries of east Asia, martial arts and combat play a key role in the culture of Thailand as well. Visitors can watch boxing matches that take place in Bangkok.

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