Thailand Travel Advice and Tips

By on May 11, 2015

Visiting Thailand can be the experience of a lifetime. There’s so much to see and do – you can immerse yourself in local culture, enjoy superb food, shop till you drop, and so much more. To make the most of your trip, though, respect local customs and culture. Also, observe a few common sense rules, and your trip will be an experience you’ll cherish and perhaps want to repeat.

Religion in Thailand

If you are visiting Thai religious shrines, it’s very important to dress appropriately. Your body should be covered from the shoulders to the knees, and your footwear should be appropriate to your surroundings – no track shoes or flip-flops, please! When wandering the grounds of a religious compound, you may wear your shoes, but if you’re entering the sanctuary where the image of the Buddha is enshrined, your shoes must be removed. If you are dressed in a fashion that is deemed to be inappropriate, you may not be permitted to enter. Some locations may permit you to rent appropriate clothing, but it will almost certainly be heavy and warm, so it’s best to choose something appropriate from your own wardrobe.

The Monarchy

Most countries expect their citizens to show respect for the monarchy, but in Thailand, that respect approaches reverence. When referring to the king, queen, or royal children, you will be expected to maintain a proper, respectful attitude.

Social Customs

While handholding, the occasional kiss, and other displays of affection in public are accepted in many countries, they are frowned upon in Thailand. It’s best to avoid indulging in public displays of affections.

In Thailand, the head is off-limits when it comes to touching. Touching someone on the head in Thailand is considered extremely rude. Also, avoid pointing your feet in someone else’s direction, and if you are entering a private home in Thailand, be sure to remove your shoes.

Shaking hands is acceptable in Thailand, but if you really want to fit in, it’s best to use the traditional greeting, known as the ‘wai.” This is the act of pressing your palms against the other person’s. Usually the younger person in the social interaction offers the wai to an elder, and the elder will return it.

Thailand Travel

Keep It Clean

In Thailand, littering is very much frowned upon. You will be expected to use garbage cans on the street, and if you’re caught tossing away cigarette butts or spitting on the street, you can expect to be fined.

Your Personal Safety

This is no different in Thailand than it is anywhere else. Make sure that you observe common precautions like leaving your jewelry in a hotel safe deposit box, and try to avoid carrying a great deal of cash. If you carry a handbag, make sure that it’s closed, and hold it close to your body. Avoid walking in areas that appear to be deserted.

Respect the Wildlife

Don’t do anything that supports trafficking in animal abuse or wild animal trafficking. Don’t buy products that are made from the skin of monitor lizards or snakes, and also avoid ivory and turtle shell. Refrain from patronizing restaurants that advertise wild animal meat, as it is illegal in Thailand to kill wildlife in order to consume it.

Avoid Drugs

If you commit a drug offense in Thailand, you could end up spending a great deal of time in jail, or even receive the death penalty. The US embassy will be unlikely to be able to help you. It’s just not worth it.

These basic tips will help you get the most out of your trip to Thailand.

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