Top 5 Phuket Nightlife Spots

By on June 4, 2017

Nothing can beat the vibrant nightlife atmosphere in Phuket. You’ll find the most unique and lively nightlife scene here.

Phuket nightlife is popular due to the developed sex industry. Some people find it controversial but if you are an open-minded person, why not experience the nightlife here?

There is a wide range of night entertainment offered in Phuket, from ladyboys, girlie bars, nightclubs to a romantic beachside late night drink. Make sure you read the complete Phuket Nightlife guide before visiting Phuket. Here’s the top list of Phuket nightlife spots.

  1. Bangla RoadBangla Road

This is it, the ultimate Phuket nightlife destination. Bangla Road in located in Phuket’s sin city of Patong, which is the largest city and busiest beach across Phuket. Bangla Road is where you can get the best Thai nightlife experience!

The nightlife activities start right after the sun goes down. The road will be closed for traffic and the neons start to light up the street. In Bangla Road, there is a variety bars and clubs lining up on the road, from go-go bars, girlie bars to ping pong shows.

Illuzion nightclub

Illuzion nightclub is the biggest nightclub on the island that can host up to 5000 people. It is located in Patong, at the end of Bangla Road. Spend a night here and you’ll get the greatest music performance from their four international resident DJs and eight international dancers.

  1. Bang TaoBang Tao

Bang Tao beach is the second longest beach in Phuket. Since the development of Laguna Resort, many luxury accommodations and entertainment have started to fill up the space. Here you can easily find high-end beach style night clubs.

Most night clubs here are located right next to the white sands. Accompanied with great DJs and awesome music ambiance, Bang Tao beach offers the perfect tropical party vibe! If you are a beach and party lover, Bang Tao have it all for you.

Dream Beach Club

Located right next to the white sandy beach, Dream Beach Club offers a perfect summer party vibe all year long. The club has two large swimming pools, four bars and a dance space.

Catch Beach Club

Catch Beach Club is located in the busiest venue in Phuket. This club is located besides the beach. With a day pass ticket you will get a VIP sun chair, umbrella, towel and a huge pillow. You can dance, relax and mingle with people around. Grab a drink and enjoy your night!

Siam Supper Club

Siam Supper Club is another luxurious place you can visit at night. It is a luxurious fine dining restaurant with soothing jazz music! The best selection of Thai and international food are served here.

  1. Phuket TownPhuket Town

Phuket Town offers a more local nightlife experience compared to Bangla Road and Bang Tao. Even though it is not as crowded as Bangla Road and as luxury as Bang Tao, Phuket Town gives a more relaxing and chilling night. Cabaret and live music shows are the main entertainment here.

Aphrodite Show

Enjoy a lovely evening watching a ladyboy shows in a restaurant in Phuket Town. Aphrodite Show is one of the best shows in town.

  1. Kata BeachKata Beach

Kata Beach is where the surfers gather. The nightlife scene here is more laid back and dominated by Club Med holiday type of resort. There are not many girlie bars, shops and ladyboy bars around.

The Surf House

The best spot where locals and tourists usually go is The Surf House. It is actually a wave-ride where you can surf on an artificial wave. For beginners, this is a perfect place to practice and for pro surfers you can have fun in this exciting riding.

At night, this surf house turn into a great nightlife spot. It has a great selection of food and drinks. It is a place where you can relax while still can enjoy the sea breeze.

  1. Patong BeachPatong Beach

Besides Bangla Road, Patong has an incredible nightlife scene. It offers a complete experience of Thai nightlife from a quite one to the crazy one.

Simon Cabaret

You can start your night by watching the Simon Cabaret, one of the most popular cabaret shows on the island. Don’t forget to get a picture of yourself with a ladyboy after the show! Afterwards, you can head up to club, live music or bars around the area.

Paradise Beach Club

Ever heard about Full Moon Party? No need to cross the island! Paradise Beach Club has it for you. Just make sure you are there on the right time, buy the tickets and experience a festive night of dancing, drinking and fun alongside the beach.

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