The Best Trekking and Camping Places in Australia

By on July 8, 2014

Camping is located throughout the country, especially in places far from big cities. For camping people usually gather a group of people who are accompanied by a local guide. Tourists take care of supplies, and preparing meals. All the necessary equipment and vehicles are provided by the organizers of the camping. They also give you an opportunity to use their jeeps. Number of services provided is limited; however, the organizers provide tourists with all necessary equipment. You can use the services of a driver and cook. This is perhaps the most attractive form of travel for familiarization with outback of the country.

Information regarding the work of camping is available at all tourist offices in Australia. The most famous camping places in Australia – these are Kings Creek Station, Stuart Range Caravan Park, Adels Grove. It is recommended to travel only in certain pre-known and studied areas. There are several companies that provide fully equipped mobile homes on wheels.

Information on these companies and services can be obtained from the Australian Committee of Tourism. Being in the camping trips you can stay in private homes. Australia – it is a huge parking area for white trailers of plastic and corrugated sheet metal, wheels, 4WD, awnings, umbrellas, folding chairs, etc. There are thousands of such special campsites in Australia.

Camping Places in Australia

You can set the caravan in a campsite, where for 10 AUD per day you will be given an electric cable and hose with water. You can screw it all to your “Wheeled home” and live as you want. You can unscrew your car from the caravan and drive around the surrounding neighborhood, if you want. As for the trekking – its main form in the deserts of Australia – a multi-day expeditions, accompanied by professional guides and caravans of camels loaded with everything you need for travel. Tourists themselves held small backpacks with their personal things and photographic equipment.

Overnight stay is organized in tents, usually in the same places, for cooking you can use gas burners. Tourists prepare a meal by themselves, but only staff of travel agency packs a caravan of camels. If you choose trekking in Australia for the first time, the best place for you should New South Wales and its eastern state.

They you can walk in mountains and you will be really amazed by this place. Another place is the Great Dividing Range. It also gives you an opportunity for trekking. The ideal time for your trip to Australia – from March to May: at this time you will not need any training to go to Australia. In spring (spring in Australia is the time from September to November) and summer (December-February).

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