Best Beaches on Earth

By on December 6, 2013

Most of the travellers include beaches in their schedule to visit when travelling around the world. Here are some of the best beaches on Earth.

Anse Source d’Argent, La Digue – Seychelles

Anse Source d'Argent, La Digue - Seychelles

When one Minks of the Seychelles often times a word that comes to mind is – paradise. Quite simply it is one of the most beautiful places on Earth that someone will ever likely set their eyes on in the flesh. But when you are talking about what is the best beach in this gorgeous group of islands that are located in the Indian Ocean, just east of mainland Africa, you are left with a very difficult decision given the amount of incredible beaches you have to choose from. Arguably the pick of the bunch is Anse Source d’Argent which boasts a long majestic coast of pristine white sand along with views taken straight out of a fantasy book. The beach also features some towering rocks and boulders surrounding it that really gives it a unique feel. The calm and serene waters contain a beautiful reef that makes it an ideal stretch of beach for all types of travellers. In most cases a tour operator usually will look after transport between the islands at the Seychelles when you are trying to find this particular gem of a beach. Helicopters and ferry are usually the preferred methods of entry into this little piece of heaven on Earth.

Paynes Bay – Barbados, The Caribbean

Paynes Bay - Barbados, The Caribbean

The Caribbean is home to perhaps some of the best beaches one will ever likely see in their lifetimes, if they are lucky enough. Barbados has been known as a retreat of complete paradise for many years, but there is one beach on its beautiful West Coast that really takes the pick. This of course is the gorgeous Paynes Bay that sees flocks of tourists conjugating to it year after year due to its delightful beauty and huge range of activities. This beach really does strike you as a tropical location when you first go there and really embodies what the beauty of the Caribbean Islands is all about with its magical tropical trees that surround this epic strand of coastline. It is very popular for travellers who like their water activities and keeps happy swimmers and snorkelers coming back year after year.

Bondi Beach – Sydney, Australia

Bondi Beach - Sydney, Australia

Bondi Beach has gained a global reputation throughout the years as being one of the globe’s premier beaches, and rightly so. It continues to attract copious amounts of visitors every year for a variety of reasons. Unlike a lot of beaches, it is located very close to a city centre of one of the world’s premier cities in Sydney. Bondi Beach is home to one of the world’s favourite surfing locations with renowned waves that brings surfers from all over the world to the beach on an insanely regular basis! (Typically can have 40000 plus people frequent it on an average summer weekend). There is also a really eventful nightlife surrounding the beach that in particular draws younger travellers every year. This beach is steeped in tradition and history and because of this rich past, it has given rise to huge amounts of commercial enterprise surrounding the beach whether it be restaurants, bars, dubs or shopping, there is something available for any tourist at the wonderful world attraction that is – Bondi Beach!

Rabbit Beach – Lampedusa, Italy

Rabbit Beach - Lampedusa, Italy

This majestic beach in Italy was actually voted the world’s number one beach in the first ever official poll for beach popularity done by renowned tourist site Trip Advisor in early 2013. The reasons why Rabbit Beach got so many votes and was acknowledged by so many happy holiday goers was fairly straight forward – it is awesome!

It is located just off Sicily and can only be described as insanely magnificent. Perhaps one of the main factors that influence this beach’s lure is almost its mystique and non commercial nature. Unlike more popular beaches on this list, Rabbit Beach is very well hidden away and is only able to be accessed by boat for people to get onto in the first place.

The wonderful turquoise water and the white sandy beaches are sure to impress you should you ever be fortunate enough to end up on this scenic island. This beach is also unique as it is one of the rare places in the Mediterranean where loggerhead sea turtles come to lay their eggs every year.

Daplac Cove, Boayan Island – The Philippines

Daplac Cove, Boayan Island - The Philippines

No list of the world’s greatest beaches would be really complete before stopping off at the Philippines! The Philippines has been renowned for years for its incredible stretches of coast and even at one time had a beach featured in the blockbuster movie hit ‘The Beach” starring Leonardo Di Caprio.

However, there can unfortunately only be one best when it comes to the list… After careful search and consideration we have decided that Daplac Cove in Boayan Island has to be the all round best beach you will see in the beautiful country of the Philippines. It’s undiscovered nature and scenic bamboo trees that surround it give lucky holiday makers every year a little piece of heaven to take away with them. Besides been blown away by the in your face beauty of its stunning cove, Daplac is also home to an incredible variety of marine life for the animal loving tourist. The island is also a nature preserve for the endangered Tabon Bird and the vulnerable Palawan hornbills and eagles, which adds to its mystique and beauty.

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