The World’s Most Exclusive Beaches

By on April 6, 2014

Who has not dreamed of enjoying alone or in very select company of a beautiful virgin beach of fine white sand and crystal blue waters? A unique and heavenly place to which only a privileged few have access, where there is more activity than the ebb and flow of the waves, the flight of birds, the sea breeze and the waiter brings you refreshment.

After searching through the most incredible in the world can say that these are the most exclusive and luxurious beaches in the world:

  • The French Riviera is known for her relationship with luxury , and although the beaches are not virgins, it is difficult to access if not a customer of one of his expensive hotels. Cannes is a good place to enjoy the beaches while looking sideways at some movie star.

The French Riviera

  • Crane Beach. This beach in Barbados, which responds to the image we all have of a Caribbean beach is considered one of the best beaches in the world.

Crane Beach

  • The Shark Bay. More than twenty years that this bay is located in the western part of Australia, was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its great importance as a nature reserve.

The Shark Bay

  • The Turkish coast beaches are characterized by their large size and quality. Among cities of Turkey are worth mentioning Marmaris or Bodrum, around which has developed an important beach tourism. Bodrum is one of the places chosen by Europeans to find luxury and sunshine , especially Akyarlar.

Marmaris or Bodrum

  • In Mexico we find amazing sites like Tulum. It not only enjoy the magnificent coastal scenery and soak up the sun, from the beach we can also see the Mayan ruins that dominate the place.


  • The seabed of the Cies Islands, Galicia, have a beauty that makes the place one of the most admired. For many, Rhodes is the best beach in the world.

The seabed of the Cies Islands, Galicia

  • Any beach in Thailand offers a paradise of crystal clear water . We chose Khao Lak, where we find beautiful secluded beaches and luxury hotels.

Khao Lak

  • The Bay Beach in Trancoso, Brazil, combines the beauty of the beaches of Brazil with the great offer in entertainment and five star hotels.

The Bay Beach in Trancoso, Brazil

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