Top 10 Clubs You Will Find in the UK

By on March 17, 2017

They are hot, they are happening and they are winking at you to come over. These are the very best clubs that you will find in the UK. You can be sure that there is one close to you no matter where you are.

1.Fabric (London)

fabric club london

Don’t let the name of the club fool you, this is not an apparel store. It is one of the leading clubs in UK’s nightlife. Fabric has been running for nearly 2 decades. Don’t miss the awesome sound system!

2. Dalston Superstore (London)

Dalston Superstore

This too is not exactly a superstore. It is like a one-size-fits-all solution for many activities and exhibitions. It has a more ‘community’ feel to it compared to Fabric. However, when you visit it, you can immediately make out the upbeat mood which will make your experience memorable!

3. West Indian Centre (Chapeltown)

West Indian Centre

In the region of Leeds known for its mix of races, it is not surprising that you will find a club named as ‘West Indian Centre’. During the daytime it is a community center but at night it turns into a nightclub oriented heavily towards bass and dubstep rather than flashy lasers and dress codes.

4. Soup Kitchen (Manchester)

Soup Kitchen, Manchester

Soup Kitchen filled a long-pending gap in Manchester’s nightlife. The place where it currently stands in the form of a two-level apartment was actually a boxing gym earlier. However, today it has transformed into a very welcoming place for the local community to have fun.

5. Camp and Furnace (Liverpool)

camp and furnace liverpool

This one is a treat for the eyes. Those with an artistic appeal will love the visuals that are set up here. You will see plenty of creativity in the decor of the club.

6. The Rainbow Venues (Birmingham)

the rainbow venues birmingham

Just like an actual rainbow, this club has plenty of rooms, each with its own vibe to it. You will find a lot of local artists performing here and the club places great emphasis on the choice of music to be played.

7. The Full Moon Pub and Attic Bar (Bristol)

The Full Moon Pub and Attic Bar

What can remind you more of the night than the moon itself? This place is actually a set of two different buildings, and it is less expensive compared to many other clubs in Bristol. The crowd here is very welcoming and enthusiastic.

8. Sub Club (Glasgow)

sub club glasgow

Sub Club has been running for more than two decades. It does show some signs of aging, but it also shows many signs of experience as well. The club is especially popular for house music.

9. Concorde 2 (Brighton)

concorde 2 brighton

Concorde 2 is a good combination of the right sound, the right location and a good platform. It has won many awards and is best known for conducting live music. Plenty of genres of music are played here.

10. The Night Kitchen (Sheffield)

the night kitchen sheffield

This place is one that doesn’t actually look like a club from outdoors. However, once you go inside you will find the perfect atmosphere to enjoy music in a good decor without too much of flash.

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