The Splendid and Spectacular Cruise Destinations in the World

By on November 20, 2013

A cruise is no doubt a great way to enjoy some of the most talked cruise destinations in the world. One can just sit back and enjoy the sail while savouring on the charming beauty of these destinations.

1. Caribbean

January and February are mainly the two months when travellers can cruise to Caribbean islands. The islands are made of islets, cays and reefs offering the visitors with plenty of things to see and do. Islands of Jamaica and Aruba are extremely popular among the tourists.

2. Alaska

The best ways to visit Alaska in on cruise as travellers get the opportunity to enjoy the exquisite coastline scenery. While on board they can witness the wild and spectacular beauty of Alaska in the form of eagles, tiger sharks, glaciers, giant whales and beautiful trees.

3. Mediterranean

This is an extremely popular cruise destination where the sailing trips can last from seven to twenty one days. Most of the cruises stop at almost every destination offering travellers with ample time to experience every destination.

Cruise Destinations in the World

4. Bermuda

Every year tens of thousands of tourists flock to experience the turquoise waters and pink sand of Bermuda. The ideal time to visit is from June to August when travellers can enjoy different range of water sport activities like scuba diving, snorkelling, parasailing and lot more.

5. Transatlantic

Those who wish to experience the beauty of Statue of Liberty should not miss trans-Atlantic Cruise. Along with that, travellers can immerse themselves in the breathtaking views of different Europe ports sailing along Atlantic Ocean.

6. Hawaii

The exotic cruise journey to the Hawaiian Islands is more popular among the couples looking forward to spending their honeymoons in a romantic way. One can also explore the waterfalls and volcanoes of the island along with range of different resort activities.

7. Panama Canal

The deep blue waters and lively ports make this cruise destination an obvious choice for most cruise travellers. The cruise generally last for around fourteen days with stops at Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco and Cabo San Lucas.

8. Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands can be described in two words – electrifying and pristine. From underwater reefs to water flowing down from the reefs to white beaches, Cayman Islands are a paradise for those going on a cruise journey. Scuba diving and snorkelling are some of the popular adventure activities of the place.

9. The Galapagos Islands/South America

The diverse and rare ecosystem of the place can best be enjoyed from a cruise travel. Only a few cruise lines are allowed o visit the Galapagos Islands as too much waste can cause damage to its ecosystem.

10. Australia and New Zealand

Generally both the countries are offered together in a single cruise which makes it easy for travellers to enjoy the magnificent landscape and unique opportunities offered by Australia and New Zealand. The places are known as the ideal locations to relax and get indulged in shopping.

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