Do You Have Plans to Visit Greece?

By on May 15, 2013

Visiting a new destination requires some research before you arrive there. If Greece is your next holiday destination you should know it is a heavily traveled by tourists for its ancient architecture and ruins. The water here is safe to drink the best time of year to visit is between April and mid June.

Do You Have Plans to Visit Greece

Hotel stays are cheaper before this tourist season and you will also find the beaches to be relatively uncrowded. In June is the Hellenic Festival is that is your reason for visiting Greece. They roads here are the most hazardous in Europe so take care while driving or riding a motorbike. Off the peninsula is a chain of island with Crete, Santorini and Mykonos being the most popular. Santorini is said to be the source of the myths of Atlantis.

Many gay travelers will book their Mykonos holiday from Respect Holidays where they have read about this and other gay resorts throughout Europe. The city of Athens offers the world’s most historic architecture and this area also includes the Roman Forum, the Parthenon and Hadrian’s Arch. Traditional food in Greece is a cucumber and yogurt dip called tzatziki and a famous main dish is made of eggplant baked with minced meat.

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