Best Autumn Destinations in Europe

By on September 12, 2013

Autumn is a wonderful time of year to explore new places and enjoy the natural changes. Travel to new places in the United Kingdom or go abroad to explore the rest of Europe at a time when there are far fewer travellers than in the summer. From early September to late October there are plenty of things to do across Europe and the UK in the perfect weather and atmosphere.

UK Destinations

Within the UK there are some great walking tours in the autumn months. The North Devon and Exmoor Walking Festival takes place in early October for four to 10 miles along the cliffs of north Devon.

The best thing about this picturesque walking tour is perhaps the fact that it occurs at the same time as the Exmoor Food Festival which walkers can enjoy. Exmoor provides pub stops, teas and farmhouse lunches.


Northumberland also puts on a night walk in late October over the Cheviot Hills. Daytime hikes likewise take place in Northumberland that explore the geological structures of the region.


Italy Autumn Destinations

Traveling abroad to Tuscany is a great idea in the autumn season when the wine harvests are taking place. The Chianti Grape Festival offers 800 wines to taste and many locals dress up in costume to celebrate. Or check out the hill towns in the south of Umbria. Most of these towns were built on Roman foundations and rebuilt sometime in the Middle Ages. Italy gives you a terrific blend of culture, food and wine that you can enjoy in some of the best weather during the autumn months.



The Peloponnese in Greece gives you a historical and archaeological getaway in the autumn. With ruins of Mycenae dating to 1200 BC and the Olympia stadium with the original racetrack, you will find plenty do a lot of learning about the culture and history of the ancient Greeks.



Millions of people celebrate Oktoberfest in Munich every year from September to mid-October. Visitors go to beer tents, small food stalls, and carnival rides, most of which keep going until midnight during the festivals.

Oktoberfest holds several parades starting with the Grand Entry of Oktoberfest Landlords and Breweries, which moves for four miles through the centre of the city. The favourite meat of the festival is pork and you will find haxen pork knuckles, schweinsbraten roasted pork and sausages served with sauerkraut.

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