Best Places to Travel Around Europe

By on March 31, 2015

Europe is a fantastic place to visit and I recommend the first place people check out is the United Kingdom. You will understand what makes this country so special when you come into land at either one of their major airports in London. As you descend you will notice green pastures and rolling hills as there is still a lot of countryside. This quickly turns into a much more urban landscape as you come into airspace over London. The heritage of one of the oldest cities on the planet is very noticeable amongst the more modern iconic landmarks such as the London eye and the shard. The airports are pretty standard and it isn’t until you get off the train in the centre of London that you appreciate some of the magnificent architecture. Take a trip to Buckingham Palace and have afternoon tea with the Queen and then do a tour of the tower of London and check out the crown jewels. All in all a really good first stop on your tour of Europe.

Best Places to Travel Around Europe

France should be the next stop on your itinerary now if you plan on travelling from London it’s really only a stones throw away. You can get the train from London directly into the centre of Paris via the Eurostar. Now there is one landmark that screams out for a visit in Paris and that’s the Eiffel tower, you will get a great view of the entire of Paris and you can also take some quirky picture of your holding it in your hands, great for Facebook! Check out the Louvre do you can see some of Da Vinci’s work and then head over to the Champs-Élysées for an afternoon stroll. Outside of Paris France has loads of opportunities aside from visiting cities, the west coast is home to some of the most fantastic beaches and surf in the world. It is literally 300 miles of endless beach all the way into Spain. My favourite is Lacanau-Ocean it’s a fantastic resort with amazing beaches and great surf. If beaches are not your thing then why not head over to the Alps in the summer you have a huge amount of outdoor activities from hiking, to Downhill Mountain biking and climbing. Even though you are high up in the alps it’s still really warm and you will get a great tan! If you love the outdoors then France is the country for you!

Finally why not check out more of the untouched parts of Europe, as you may well know Eastern Europe is regarded as slightly behind the west and to some extent it is but it’s catching up really fast. Places such as Croatia offer the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen and if you want to be immersed in culture then this is the place to go. They don’t have bars and huge tourist areas like in the canaries you get a true taste of the country.

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