Best Places to Visit on a Road Trip through Europe

By on August 25, 2016

One of the best places to spend a summer holiday when originating in the UK would be the European continent. It is just a short trip across the Channel where you can begin your journey in France and make your way through several countries to explore sights, sounds and tastes you just can’t get at home. Many people drive their way across the continent simply because they can take in so much more ‘local flavour’ this way. Whether driving by car or motorcycle, here are some of the best places to visit on your road trip.

Where to Find the Best Places to Visit by Motorbike

If you will be travelling by motorbike on any stretch of the trip, it might be best to refresh your knowledge of road safety tips for motorcycles on the Top Tests website. This is where you took practice tests before getting your licence and the easiest place to find safety tips for driving a motorcycle. In any case, there are so many awesome places best visited on a motorbike and if you aren’t sure where to find them, you can always check out the current listings from Motorbike Europe. Countries they suggest include Romania, Germany, Italy and even Norway to the far north. By motorbike? Why not!

Best Places to Visit on a Road Trip through Europe

Picturesque Scenery Best Viewed on a Road Trip

There are really so many places to visit on the continent that it would be difficult to list them all, however, a few stand out as destinations best viewed when you can choose how long you’d like to stay. One of the most amazingly beautiful locations best visited by car is the route through Bavaria called the RomantischeStrasse. Here you will find fairy tale castles, a wine village dating back to medieval times and even a medieval town with ramparts encircling it. This is something you just will not want to miss out on and if you were to take a train you wouldn’t be able to actually circle the town to get the best view of a town that has been virtually the same since the day it as built.

The Volcanoes of Iceland

Who would have ever imagined that someone would suggest you travel to a land of volcanoes whilst on vacation? Actually, there are few more spectacular sights than the volcanoes of Iceland that can really only be appreciated when accessed by car. No train or other mode of public transport is going to get you up close enough to see the majesty and raw power of these volcanoes, some active, some no longer so but in all cases the epitome of raw, natural power.

So then, now you get the picture. There is nothing quite like a road trip when you want to see some of the places across the continent that you just can’t reach by train, bus or plane. A road trip is where it’s at when you don’t want to party your way through clubs or get stuck in the middle of a major metropolitan area. The best places to visit in Europe are going to be the places you need a car to access. This year, plan a car rental when planning your holiday and you will be set for the adventure of a lifetime.

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