Budget Hotels in York Save You Money

By on September 14, 2015

If you are traveling for business or just taking a holiday in today’s environment you know how expensive it can all be for you. Prices of airline tickets, car rentals, parking, meals and hotel stays all seem to keep going up every time you turn around. This can make it very difficult for you when you are trying to plan any type of trip and have to work it into your specific budget. As you look for ways that you can save some money on your travel, if you are traveling to the city of York you may want to look into the budget hotels in York so that you can find a comfortable and affordable place for you to stay.

Finding a Place in Your Budget

York is a very historic city with a great number of popular attractions and businesses that draw people from all over the world. Because of this, many people may assume that it is difficult to find any type of hotel in the area that is both quality and affordable for the average person. If you do some investigating you will find that you can get good hotels in the city without spending a great deal of money and still be close to the attractions and places you want to visit the most while you are in the city. You can find hotels near National Railway Museum in York, a very popular tourist attraction, or places near sites such as York Minster, the Castle Museum or York University. When you are looking for York budget hotels you have to look at the Holiday Inn Express York as your best option.

Budget Hotels in York Save You Money

A Great Place to Stay

The Holiday Inn Express York offers you the best of both worlds in the city as a quality hotel with great comfort and service at a room rate you will be very happy with. The hotel is just outside the middle part of the city so you can easily get to all of the top attractions that you find in York and it is only an hour away from beautiful seaside towns that you can visit as well. The hotel features 49 rooms that have all been recently renovated to have a modern design and all of the amenities that you seek in a hotel. You will find comfortable beds, en-suite bathrooms with power showers, wireless Internet access, flat screen televisions, ample workspace and much more. Children under eighteen stay free in the same room with their parents and complimentary breakfast is available each morning of your stay.

You get the great comfort and service of a quality hotel at a rate that fits nicely into any travel budget when you stay at the Holiday Inn Express York. Take a look at the rooms available during the time of your travels and find out about any special offers or promotions being run so that you can get even greater savings on your stay.

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