Top 5 Travel Destinations in Finland

By on August 18, 2014

Finland is famous for the natural beauty that can be witnessed in and around the country. Finland has been surrounded with nearly 200,000 lakes. There are many attractive places in and around Finland that one must visit. The following are the top 5 destinations that one must visit in Finland.

The Fortress of SuomenlinnaThe Fortress of Suomenlinna

This place is located nearby the entrance of the Helsinki’s harbor and it portrays the European architecture. This place is called as as a fortress savior by the local people in Finland. The forts are built at a height above 15 meters.



Lapland is situated in the north part of Finland and it has many frozen lakes during the winter season. The snow hill that can be found nearby the tourist center is the most visited place in Lapland. Snowboarding and skiing are the winter sports that every tourists can play in this place.



Rauma is the oldest port in Finland and it is known for the wooden architecture. Rauma is one among the largest ports in Finland and more than 6 million tons of products are shipped from Rauma.

Helsinki Cathedral

Helsinki Cathedral


Helsinki Cathedral was built during the year 1917 and it was called as the St. Nicholas’ Church before Finland got its independence. The structure of the church has a green dome that stands tall and surrounded by four small domes that are sculpted by following the neoclassical style. The buildings that surround the Helsinki Cathedral are designed in a way that can attract a human eye.

Koli National Park

Koli National Park


Koli National park has the best landscapes in Finland. It is located in the eastern parts of Finland and it has many habitats living in and around the park. The Koli National park has natural boreal forests, herb-rich forests and lowland meadows.

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