Five Reasons to Travel Around Europe in a Motorhome

By on December 30, 2015

Owning a motorhome may not be something you have considered before. However, if you like travelling and seeing new things then there is no better way to explore large parts of the world than driving around in your own ‘home on wheels’.

With the channel tunnel giving us here in the UK relatively easy access to mainland Europe, it’s more than possible to explore the length and breadth of our own special continent. Unconvinced? Here are five great reasons why you should consider packing up and head to Europe in your motorhome:

1) See some amazing sites

From the Fjords of Norway to the stunning Alpine mountains of France and Italy; there are some amazing sites to be seen all across Europe. Every region offers something completely different to the last, and with so many different countries in what is a relatively small area of the world, you will have a multitude of rich experiences, cultures and sites to enjoy as you drive around.

2) Go at your own pace

Unlike going on an arranged tour, having your own motorhome allows you to travel whenever you want. If you want to spend five days exploring the Pyrenees mountains in Andorra for example, before moving down towards Barcelona, then this can be totally your choice. You have the freedom to pick and choose where and when you travel, without feeling rushed or restricted by what your tour guide says.

Travel Around Europe in a Motorhome

3) Go places you wouldn’t be able to

Similarly to the last point, with your own motorhome you can explore regions and roads that are completely off the beaten track. With organized tours you’ll usually stick to a predetermined route – usually one which many other tourists are on at the same time. Travel alone and you’ll really be able to delve into the culture, landscapes and history of a country at its best.

4) Live in comfort

Some are concerned about the level of comfort associated with living in a motorhome, but you can find ones that are incredibly comfortable, almost like a home-away-from-home. The great thing about a motorhome is that you can really make it your own, taking all your home comforts, meaning you never need to rely on hotels. You can clean up for yourself and most motorhomes will have cooking facilities on-board, which allows you to make your own meals whenever you want and wherever you are.

5) Cheaper than hotels

Probably the best benefit of all – although the initial outlay for a motorhome may seem like a lot, by the time you have gone on a few long trips you will easily be able to see the savings you have made by not staying in hotels for the duration of your time away. This is great for those who are savvy with their money and love the thought of exploring alike.

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  1. Luminita

    January 25, 2016 at 6:05 pm

    This is a great ideas for those who want to travel at their own pace, to visit what they want to visit, without gaving to worry about catching a flight or not missing a hotel reservations. I think it’s best to travel around like this if you have at least a month at your disposal to have time and settle down for a day or two in each location.

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