A Guide to Aberdeen’s Travel Destinations

By on March 21, 2016

Aberdeen, which is also known as the Granite City is the third largest city in Scotland. It is also said to be the commercial centre in Scotland. This city is known for providing oil to entire Europe and there is a good amount of crude oil that is supplied from the North sea. Aberdeen stands tall on the bay of the famous North sea and it is covered by two rivers, namely Don and Dee.

The history behind Aberdeen

Aberdeen is said to have grown up as two different burghs. The Old Aberdeen is famous for oil production and the New Aberdeen is known for its fishing and trading settlements. The earliest days of Aberdeen were ruled by King William, later during the year 1179, David took over the city and made Aberdeen a tourist spot. Although Aberdeen was separated as two during its origination, David combined both the New and Old Aberdeen which indeed lead to development for the city in the form of tourism and wealth. As the economy in Aberdeen started expanding every day, the city witnessed development in the fishing industry and ship building. The harbours in Aberdeen have a glorious past and at present one can witness many busy harbours in and around the Aberdeen city.

Places to visit

There are many places one must visit in Aberdeen. Museums, castle trails and art galleries are the kinds of places one can witness in and around Aberdeen. The Aberdeen art gallery, Maritime museum, Castle Fraser, Craigievar castle, Dunnottar castle, Fyvie castle and Provost Skene house are some of the famous places that one must visit in Aberdeen.

Places to visit Aberdeen

Art galleries and museums

The Aberdeen city has a close relation with tradition and culture and one can witness it in the museum and art galleries. The famous Aberdeen art gallery holds a wide collection of Victorian, Impressionist, Scottish and the famous 20thcentury British paintings and many other silver and glass collections. The famous Alexander Macdonald Bequest in Aberdeen holds a large collection of rare historic elements that were found during the 19th century. One can watch different types of contemporary and regular works in these museums and art galleries in Aberdeen.

Shopping in Aberdeen

The Thistle, George and Union are the famous streets known for shopping and one can find different kinds of wall clocks, stock furniture and wood collections in these streets. If you are fond of ancient clocks, Aberdeen city holds them as well. One can purchase them at a very decent price. The antiques in the famous Elizabeth Watts Studio have been preserved well. Items like brass, antique jewellery and furniture can be shopped around Aberdeen city.

Restaurants in Aberdeen

Aberdeen city holds some of the best restaurants in the world and if you are a fan of Scottish cuisines, then you must visit the restaurants to taste the best of such food available. The Ferry hill house, Elrond’s café bar and the Silver Darling are some of the famous restaurants one must visit in Aberdeen city.

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