Top Holiday Destinations Within the EU

By on January 17, 2015

Personally, I love exploring Europe – it’s definitely home to some of my all-time top holiday destinations. So, when I heard about the suggested EU referendum, I couldn’t help but wonder about the impact it might have on us UK-based travellers – and that took me on a trip down memory lane through some of my favourite holidays.

So, I thought I’d share some of these places with you – it might give you some inspiration for destinations to visit this year.

Let’s take a look at my favourite spots in the UK first. These include:

1) The Forest of Dean: Located in the west of Gloucestershire, the Forest of Dean is a beautiful place. This is part of what makes it such a fantastic place for holidays, but for me it’s also its huge selection of activities that appeals. Walking, cycling and adventure sports are all possible here, so it’s perfect if you love exploring the great outdoors.

The Forest of Dean
2) Devon: A really peaceful place for a holiday, Devon is another wonderful spot for outdoor activities. Not only are there gorgeous beaches here, but also places of outstanding natural beauty, like Exmoor National Park.

3) Cornwall: Of course, Cornwall’s a really pretty spot that’s also famous for its beaches (it’s actually one of the best places in the UK for surfing), but it’s the food that really attracts me. The idea of a Cornish pasty and a proper cream tea is enough to make me want to come here again and again!


Plus, if you work in the civil service (or ever have done) and you join a members club, you can get some great discounts on holidays to destinations like the above.

European suntraps and cultural hotspots
The beauty of having Europe right on our doorstep, and being part of the EU, is that travel to some of the world’s prettiest and most interesting countries is wonderfully easy. Here are some of my favourite places to visit:

1) Florence (Italy): An art lover’s paradise, Florence has it all – sunshine, gorgeous architecture and a whole lot of art galleries. I particularly recommend climbing to the top of the famous Duomo, and taking a horse and carriage ride round the city.
2) Santander (Spain): A city in northern Spain, Santander’s got a great blend of sun, beautiful beaches and cultural attractions. El Sardinero is probably the most popular stretch of sand, while I’d also recommend trips to the Cantabrian Maritime Museum and the Museum of Prehistory and Archaeology.

Paris (France): OK, I realise this is quite an obvious choice, but it’s hard not to love Paris – the city really does have that air of romance it’s so famous for. Plus, getting there is really simple on the Eurostar or by ferry, so it’s feasible to nip there for a quick weekend break whenever you like.

How would splitting from the EU affect travel?
Well, that’s a question that no one really knows the answer to in any detail yet. Of course, the referendum itself is a reasonably long way off – proposed to be held by the end of 2017 after the next general election – so there’s plenty of time to ponder!

Right now, it’s nice and simple for UK residents to travel to and from other EU countries, so I’d expect us leaving the EU would make that process a little bit harder. I think that’d be a real shame, since there are so many wonderful places to explore in the EU – and them being so easy and quick to reach really adds to their appeal.

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