Gatlinburg Awarded as one of the Top Travelers’ Choice Destination

By on December 10, 2015

The winners’ list of this year’s awardees for TripAdvisor Travelers’ choice is out. On Tuesday, the results announced by TripAdvisor indicated that Gatlinburg is the topmost destination in the USA which is quickly seen to be rising in popularity and also the fourth topmost in the world.

Robert Montgomery is the president of the Gatlinburg convention and visitors bureau. He said that this was indeed a big pat on the back for Gatlinburg. He added that this award stands as another testimony to the experience travelers get in Gatlinburg.


As far as mountain resorts and hill stations are concerned, Gatlinburg is one of the sought-after destinations. It has every possible variety in terms of places to stay, eateries whose menus cover everything from local specialties to national favourites as well as popular sightseeing destinations. The city is surrounded by the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains on three sides. However, in spite of being known as a mountain resort that offers visitors a glimpse of the traditions, arts, crafts and heritage of that life, it still offers a high degree of walkability. Even the shops there offer deep insights into the history of the city and life in the mountains as a whole. It is a very sparsely populated town, having less than 4000 inhabitants. However, it warmly receives millions of travelers every year in its typical style of hospitality. These tourists come from different parts of the world, and their objectives differ from having fun with their families to going on a vacation to having memorable trips and even having some adventure in the outdoors.

According to Barbara Messing from TripAdvisor, it is their community which has assisted them in recognizing locations worldwide that are witnessing a rise in attracting tourists. She added that they are hopeful of this list acting as an inspiration for those making their travel plans for the next year.

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