Why Queenstown Is The Adventure Hub Of New Zealand

By on November 17, 2015

For anyone considering venturing to New Zealand, the city of Queenstown will garner a lot of attention in almost every guide to the country as it has a wide variety of different activities that can be enjoyed. The lake on which the city lies is great for all kinds of water activities, while nearby rivers are used for rafting. The city also lies in the middle of a beautiful mountain range which is key to making Queenstown an adventure hub, and there are many different ways to explore these mountains and to enjoy a great thrill at the same time.

Hiking And Climbing

One of my favorite activities that I was able to enjoy in Queenstown was the sensational hiking tracks only a short distance away from the city itself. There are plenty of paths around the lake and up towards the hills behind Queenstown that can be enjoyed in a day, but my passion is for the longer multi-day hikes.

In order to stretch a hike into a real adventure I combined the Routeburn Track, which is labeled by the tourism authorities as one of the great walks, with the Greenstone Track. This proved to be a sensational few days, with the early section of the track through the Humboldt Mountains being particularly impressive. Many hikers will return to the road from the Howden Hut, but I went on to the quieter Greenstone Track, and while it may not have the stunning mountain scenery it is still a beautiful hike too.

Queenstown Is The Adventure

The Shotover Jet

One of the activities that I hadn’t even heard of before I went to New Zealand was Jet Boating, but my third trip on one of these boats was on the Shotover Jet in Queenstown. I’m not sure if this is the original jet boating route, but it was absolutely stunning, and the gorges through which the boat travels are the narrowest that I had seen such a speedboat ride through. The Shotover certainly got my pulse racing, and I’d certainly try it again if I had the chance.

Bungee Jumping

I have gone into more detail on bungee jumping in Queenstown on another blog, but this is certainly one of the main reasons that Queenstown has the reputation as an adventure hotspot. For those who aren’t sure about doing a jump, I would recommend going to have a look at the Kawarau Bridge, which offers a great view of others doing the jump, and can be seen from above and below.


I didn’t actually get the chance to go paragliding myself on this visit, but it certainly looked to be an awful lot of fun, and it was clear to see that the flights offered such an amazing view over the city itself. Most people would get up to the hill behind the city on the gondola cable car, and to see them soaring above the city on a sunny day looked like a truly amazing trip. This is one on my itinerary for the next visit.

White Water Rafting

Another of the activities that time and money meant I didn’t get the chance to try on my last visit to Queenstown was white water rafting. Having been rafting in Europe, Asia and in New Zealand, the rivers in New Zealand offer some excellent rafting opportunities. I heard some excellent reviews from some of the people I met in the hostel, and the Shotover River trip was said to be particularly exciting.

The Best of the Rest

There are so many great things to do in Queenstown, and another of these amazing experiences is mountain biking in the area. Another trip that is well worth taking is a 4×4 journey along the perilous Skippers’ Canyon road, which has a sheer drop into the river without a fence on one side of the road. Combine all of these with skydiving, kayaking and other adventure activities, and it is clear to see why Queenstown is such a popular destination for adventure sports.

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