Ontario’s Hidden Gems: Top Five Natural Wonders You’ve Never Heard Of

By on October 25, 2017

We’ve all heard of the seven natural wonders of the world, each of which gets thousands of visitors each year. But if you have a strong desire to explore secret places, look no further than some hidden gems of Ontario, one of Canada’s most glorious and nature-rich provinces. If you’re visiting the capital, then start with a car rental in Toronto and you can easily take a day trip to each of these beautiful spots.

Ontario's Hidden Gems

  1. Bathtub Island

Bathtub Island is a hidden treasure at Katherine’s Cove in Lake Superior Provincial Park. If you want to enjoy a warm bath with your friends and family on your trip to Ontario, this is the place you must visit. This place is situated only 15 minutes walking distance from the beach of Katherine’s Cove. Like the name suggests, Bathtub Island collects water from one end of the island and you possibly will not get tempted for sitting in this bathtub, but the gorgeous waters will surely be a pleasure to see. 

  1. Eagle’s Nest Park

This natural gem features different vantage points to stare across the mountainous land which expands west towards Halliburton. You will find this two-level wooden structure as the best piece of capturing through your camera, although the trails which line the ridge is also very pretty to be captured. If you are fortunate enough, you will get the chance for seeing a small plane land at the airport underneath. 

  1. Dorset Lookout Tower

This lesser-known hidden treasure near the Lake of Bays is notable for the undisturbed magnificence it takes off above. At the point when fog ascends from the lake in the morning, the scene can appear to be unworldly and flawless. You will get an all-encompassing perspective of Muskoka at 142 meters. 

  1. Lusk Cavern

This one is a bit of a cheat – it’s actually located in Quebec but incredibly close to the province’s border. In fact, most people just assume it’s in Ontario! Regardless of its exact location, this spot is really spectacular to explore. You can walk through the first half of this cavern with natural light. And in some places, the water is just ankle deep, but the other places will really get you wet. The second half of this cavern is totally dark that you can’t see properly the underground waterfall. When water is high in spring, you need to even swim underwater for passing through one of the pools. 

  1. Sand Hill Park

This natural secret gem on the shores of Lake Erie is amazing to visit. The size of the sand hills is dreamlike, but a gorgeous part is attempting to keep running down to the water before definitely tumbling into the delicate sand. You can take a day trip here or even camp in the area overnight.

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