Three Recommended Resorts to Enjoy Bunaken Marine

By on September 1, 2015

Do you love to see the beauty of coral reefs and underwater? Bunaken marine offers a beauty that can make you spellbound. Located on a small island in northern Sulawesi, there is a lot of biodiversity you never see it before. The nice thing is tropical waters and a perfect place to enjoy water sports such as scuba diving.

The beauty of Bunaken marine has to offer allows the tourists to enjoy various outdoor activities. Underwater scenery offers extra knowledge about biodiversity and this is the best place to bring educational vacation. Interested to spend a holiday here? Here are some lodge places which highly recommended:

  1. There is a lodge place that offers 10 bungalows with natural features that make holidays feel real. Living Colors Dive Resort is the perfect place to spend holidays with friends, especially divers. There are many facilities can be enjoyed by the guests, including a gym, a small library and free Internet connection.

Besides enjoy the natural beauty, they can also enjoy Indonesian special cuisine. This resort is highly recommended for divers who want to find a place of accommodation with full facilities.

Bunaken Marine

  1. Do you want to enjoy a place of accommodation with International standards? Make reservations at Bahowo Lodge. The lodge is situated at Bahowo village and there are various facilities can be enjoyed by guests such as swimming pools, a library of movies and music, so they won’t feel bored during their stay in this place.

Each room is equipped with modern facilities, except furniture made of bamboo and rattan. Enjoy seafood dishes with exotic flavors that you rarely find in other places.

  1. Spend your time enjoy Bunaken marine and spent the night at the Bunaken Village Resort. There are eight cottages and other facilities such as restaurants and swimming pools. Cottage atmosphere is very natural, so also the atmosphere around the resort. You feel one with nature and give an unforgettable vacation experience with friends and family.

That’s three resorts which highly recommended for stay and enjoy the beauty of Bunaken marine. Immediately make reservations because the room is limited!

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