Santiago, A modern city to visit in Chile

By on January 21, 2015

With more than 6 million people, Santiago concentrates 40% of the population of Chile. This is a huge city, modern and Western. There are wide avenues and pedestrian urban highways, a light and diffuse disorder suspected to be related to pollution, large devices, buildings of glass, steel and concrete that give your head spin, a subway, giant advertising screens … And occasionally some old buildings framed by giant towers.


Large paved avenues (Plaza de Armas in particular) are motivated by small street concerts, exhibition of paintings and Sunday preachers shouting at the microphone to the glory of the Lord. In contrast, jugglers and other entertainers hairy, troubleurs of public recognition, attract the wrath of the Carabineros, even on small squares at the bottom of the parks.

The city is very different from other cities we have seen, no street vendors, old bus with their big black clouds and touts shouting at the window, to the Indian bowlers who sell their herbs in bizarre bewitching scents, the shoe shiners hidden (here they have a fee schedule). La Paz is really far away! I’m afraid for now, presence in Santiago do not allow us to say much more about this great city and more about Chile and its people, There is much i have in mind to write about this fabulous city.  keep visiting for further updates.

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