Spiritual & Supernatural Hikes Around the World

By on July 11, 2017

There are so many reasons to put on a pair of hiking shoes and set off on a trail: being in nature, pushing physical boundaries, experiencing adrenaline, and appreciating absolutely breath-taking views and scenery. But there are some hikes that go beyond the usual reasons and attract people seeking different types of adventure across the globe. Below are three hikes that will put you in touch with your spiritual side…while possibly giving you goosebumps:

Via Francigena, Rome, Italy

Via Francigena is an ancient pilgrim route that runs from France to Italy, passing through England and Switzerland as well. During the Middle Ages, Via Francigena was considered to be a very sacred pilgrimage route for people intent on seeing the Holy See as well as the tombs of Saint Peter and Paul the Apostle. With the entire trail being almost 1,300 miles long, hikers are able to see many monasteries and abbeys during their journey, and can participate in traditional prayer services while dining with monks. And in 2009, there were plans by the Italian government to recover the route beyond only spiritual and religious terms to include environmental and cultural terms, so there really is something for everyone!

Lost Dog Trailhead, Texas, United States

Lost Dog Trailhead attracts hikers and travelers from all over the world for its exceptional view of the incredible Franklin Mountains. Visitors can enjoy this advanced unmarked trail by mountain bike or by foot, but beware, the name holds a meaning that has become apparent to many who venture there. A local mystic stated that a man and his dog went for a hike in the area on a particularly cold night. After the dog wandered off, the man sat down waiting for him, calling his name from time to time. The dog never returned, and the man passed away in the cold night. Many joggers have reported seeing a transparent dog on this route, as well as hearing audible barking when there was no dog in sight. Go to Lost Dog Trailhead for the view, stay for the paranormal!

Baekdu-daegan Trail, South Korea

The Baekdu-daegan Trail, running for about 735 km, is said to unite nationalists, Buddhists, Confucians, Shamanists, Daoists and Christians. While the trail does include some of South Korea’s highest peaks and many sacred mountains, the spiritual unifying connection is that the sources of all of the country’s major rivers can be found along the path, making it known as a source of life that “connects Heaven and Earth.” Those inclined can even join Buddhist monks at the Hwaeomsa Temple for their early morning dharma-drumming.

While many hikes and trails can challenge what we know about ourselves and the nature surrounding us, some actually challenge us in spiritual and supernatural ways. For those seeking an out-of-body experience, know that somewhere in the world there is a hike for you!

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