Suffolk: The Ideal UK Destination for Active Breaks?

By on July 8, 2015

While UK breaks certainly aren’t suitable for everybody, there’s no doubt that most destinations in the country hold a certain charm. In the case of Suffolk, a lot of the appeal surrounds the various attractions that one can visit – with many focussed around highly active activities. There are of course other reasons to visit the county and if you have booked accommodation, you will probably have a brief understanding on everything that the area has to offer. For those that are yet to book and who might be tempted, the local B&B Suffolk has is seen as an excellent place for short-term stays.

However, for the purposes of this article, we’ll now going to concentrate on the main adventure attractions that Suffolk boasts.

Go Ape!

Anybody that has a remote interest in adventurous activities may well have visited a Go Ape! park. With the company owning no fewer than 29 in the country, they are certainly accessible, although the one in Suffolk is regarded as one of the best. For those that are not aware, you are charged with the task of acting like Tarzan for the day with swings, trapezes and various other obstacles all being dotted around a forest. Furthermore, the course is not just designed for older children and adults, but also for younger children through the junior section they have.


The county has also proved very alluring to a lot of golfers. While it may not be home to a St. Andrews or Wentworth, there are still a lot of championship courses available and the average golfer will not be disappointed. Aldeburgh is regarded as one of the more challenging, but Woodbridge, Royal Worlington & Newmarket and Thorpeness are all highly-rated and will provide you with an excellent golfing holiday.

Suffolk UK Destination

Beacon Rally Karts

Anybody that is interested in rally driving will also find Suffolk appealing. The region is home to Beacon Rally Karts – a huge karting establishment that offers no fewer than three specialist tracks. The karts can reach speeds of up to 35mph and bearing this in mind, the attraction can provide a challenging test for even some of the more experienced rally kart drivers.

Coastal Voyager

Few people realise that Suffolk is also home to some excellent sea attractions, with Coastal Voyager being one of the best providers. One of their top services are high speed blasts around the surrounding waters on a speed boat, although for any group that wishes to take it slightly easier there is a tranquil cruise along the Blyth Estuary. The fact that all of their boats can facilitate twelve people means that it can make a great group activity.

Hollesley Bay Colony Stud

With Suffolk the home to Newmarket, it’s no surprise to see that there are several horse-related attractions. One of the best is Hollesley Bay Colony Stud and while some will debate whether this should be classed in the active category, the fact that the family can jump on a horse bus or the children can venture into the new play area means that there are certainly several things to do there.

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