The Beauty and History of Falkland Islands

By on February 21, 2017

Natural beauty and wildlife of Falkland Islands is the most attractive thing about this sparsely populated region. Though there has been a dispute between Britain and Argentina over the territorial claim of this Island, it has not affected the tourism of this country. Huge amount of travelers visit this region to check out the crystal clear beaches of this region. You will surely have a great vacation when you’re at Falkland Islands.

Penguins are another source of attraction in this region and they are found in almost every area of this Island. The two best methods to reach this place are to take a flight directly to this Island or take a cruise from a nearby nation. If you’re a nature lover then you cannot miss out on this Island. This Archipelago is situated in the middle of Mediterranean Sea. More than 770 Islands come together to create this Archipelago. You will just love the view of big whales and other beautiful birds.

Falkland Islands

Along with good wildlife the visitors also have the option to enjoy the beach sport in this Island. Tourism has been on the rise and the authorities have taken some interesting steps to make these Islands attractive. You can also call it a paradise for the people who love watching whales. Some of the common species of whales found near this Island are Blue whale, Humpback whale, Killer whale, Sei whale, Fin whale, killer whale, etc. It has a good impact of British civilization and though it is near Southern America, most of this island has a Briton feel. It is a cold region and summer is the best time to visit Falkland. Port Stanley is the capital and it has a very less population of around 2000 inhabitants. The city has a traditional feel and the visitors will simply love the culture of this region.

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