Top 10 Autumn Favorite Destinations in the World

By on July 25, 2013

Considered by many to be the best time of the year to travel, the autumn months are the busiest months for anyone related to the travel or tourism industry. Here are some popular destinations during this time.

1) Tuscany


Lively grape festivals in this region open up their gates during this period. This is the time when the annual wine harvest takes place. Every Italian farmer waits for the event of La Vendemmia when the party mood touches sky-high. Chianti Grape Festival draws the maximum crowd and offers opportunities such as wine-tasting, music and dance aplenty.

2) Marrakech


Marrakech is best suited to be travelled during the autumn months due to the cool breezes that start coming-in from the Atlas Mountains. The city offers a range of boutique hotels, with heavy dosage of medina, lush gardens and palaces for the sore eyes.

3) Egypt


With no summer crowds for company, this one can prove to be a great autumn destination. Here one can spend their time visiting the sprawling archaeological of Luxor that includes the “Tomb of the Nobles”, the “Valley of the Kings” and “Deir el-Medina”.

4) Cambodia


The Water Festival lights up the place during this period, with numbers in millions flocking in to the Tonle Sap riverbanks to watch the massive dragon boats race. Celebrated for three days, this festival also marks the change in flow of direction of the river.

5) Santorini


The most glamorous island in Greece, Santorini is the place to be during the autumn months. The crowd starts slowing down and the heat starts to bid farewell, Santorini gets indisputably sublime during these months.

6) Canary Islands

Canary Islands

This place is besieged by both strong winds and serious heat during the summer months, making it a mockery of hairstyles and hats. The picture changes completely with the advent of autumn when one can enjoy strolling through the steep gorges, hill-side villages and banana tree valleys. For the not so adventurous, they can simply rest on the beach or at their hotels.

7) West Sweden

West Sweden

Food fanatics should be heading to West Sweden this autumn as it marks the start of the region’s lobster season. The lobster safaris down the Bohuslan coast offer opportunities of fishing, where one can cook and feast on the delicacies too.

8) Cornwall


With seas being at their warm best during this time, this is the go-to place for the surfing enthusiasts. Apart from that, there is always something for the taste buds including the mouth-watering Falmouth oysters.

9) New England

New England

This is the only place in the world which is synonymous with autumn. Fire-coloured foliage erupts during this time, with farms brimming with pumpkins, blueberries and corn.

10) Andalucia


This is the perfect time to visit Sierra de Aracena, the least of all known parks in Andalucia (north of Seville). One should get themselves ready for exploring whitewashed villages, groves of chestnuts and wooded valleys.

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