Top 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations

By on November 16, 2013

While wedding is stressful, honeymoon is relaxing. A perfect honeymoon sets into tune the beginning of a fresh phase of life. A perfect setting for honeymoon should make the couple feel closer and romantic, while offering them every luxury. A couple looking at the best honeymoon destinations shall be spoilt for choice.

1. Hawaii

Hawaii Honeymoon Destination

The most romantic setting for newlyweds, Hawaii has much to offer through its serene islands, beautiful volcanoes, the white sands and the tranquil beaches. The coastlines define the exotic and the locals offer a warm welcome to the couples. Hawaii offers some of the world class resorts to the honeymooners.

2. Mexico

Mexico Honeymoon Destination

There is an array of romantic spots in Mexico. Offering the perfect solitude that the honeymooners crave, the place offers delight at prices that are too reasonable. Mexico boasts some of the most exquisite luxury resorts in the world, while a walk along the grounds belonging to the ancient Mayans is thrilling.

3. Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Another wonderful honeymoon destination that is famous among the young couples is the Dominican Republic. Moreover, the place is quite close the States and hence becomes fairly affordable. Ecotourism being the consequential topic here, the place offers a tranquil bliss to the soul of the honeymooners.

4. St. Lucia

St. Lucia

With its lush green setting and exotic views, St. Lucia is offers the perfect escape to the honeymooners as they seek to hide from the crowd and urbanity of the world. The volcanoes and the clear blue waters offer serenity to the ambience.

5. Fiji


Fiji boasts exquisite and sprawling vistas for its tourists and honeymooners. The young couple craves for seclusion and so they are gifted in this beautiful island. The coastlines offer a scenic view at dawn, while the entire island covered by forests, mountains, palm trees, and beautiful resorts.

6. Jamaica


One of the best honeymoon spots on earth, Jamaica offers a carnivalesque ambience where the young couples can indulge in overnight fun and romance. They can explore the beautiful waterfalls and lush green forests taking a pleasant walk.

7. Antigua


The honeymooners would yet want to blend in a little bit of adventure with romance, can go snorkeling on the whites sands at the beaches.

8. Bahamas

Peggy & Chris- E-session

The Bahamas is also famous among the young couples and the newlyweds. Near about seven hundred islands form a cluster make Bahamas an ideal destination for every couple.

9. Tahiti


Tahiti comes with a paradisiacal charm to the couple that desires an escape from the hubbub of the urban crowd. The ambient surroundings offer picturesque views.

10. Florida


Florida offers one of the best places to the honeymooners. The beautiful beaches are perfect for bathing in the sun in the wintry days. The place offers the ambiance of the Caribbean to the delight of the young couples.

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