Top 10 Destinations in Europe for Tourism

By on July 23, 2013

Europe is full of destinations for travellers of any taste. However, there are certain places that Europeans and foreigners prefer over the others in the continent. Those are the popular destinations in Europe that every traveller should have eyes on.

1. Amsterdam

Winding waterways, greenery, nonchalant atmosphere, plenty of beaches nearby there is a long list of features that make Amsterdam the best place for a relaxed, enjoyable holiday experience of lifetime. Some interesting facts about Amsterdam are that there are more canals than Venice and approximately equal number of bicycles and individuals.

2. Barcelona

The Spanish city cannot be missed when best popular places in Europe are mentioned. The entire city is sight to watch and outlets of local and international brands can be found everywhere, which means sightseeing and shopping can be done simultaneously in the city.

3. Istanbul

The capital of Turkey is the only city to straddle across two continents. So, it is a top destination in Europe as well as in Asia. It is crossroad of tradition and modernisation and is known for its palaces and minarets.

4. Lisbon

It has pleasant weather and long days almost constantly illuminated by the sun. Leisurely stroll through the seven hills and the sights of Graca, Santa Luzia, Senhora do Monte, Sao Jorge Castle, etc. make the visit worth every penny spent for it.

Europe for Tourism

5. Madrid

The capital of Spain is lively, entertaining and vibrant during the day and these features soar a few notches higher at night. Art, shopping, nightlife, food and sports can be experienced all within one city, which offers almost all the leisure options that one can think of.

6. Milan

It is the hub of culture and media in Italy. The weather is pleasant and there are shopping and enjoyment facilities available for people of both low and high income. Milan is particularly famous for its fashion sense.

7. Nice

It is a nice destination and is creative, dynamic and characterised by artistic, cultural and economic revolution that the city seems to be going through. It is evolving and growing constantly.

8. Stockholm Sweden

Stockholm has gradually become a place recognised for games, art, design, technology, fashion, film, music, etc. Thus, there is always so much going on in this Swedish city that visitors do not have think of the best time to visit the place.

9. Valletta

Few destinations in Europe are as scenic as Valletta, which is also the smallest capital in the continent. The city is rich in art, architecture and history. Several events are organised in the city every calendar year.

10. Vienna

It is considered as one of the best destinations for arts and culture enthusiasts. Viennese cuisine and wine, coffee houses and multitude of cultural centres and institutes are an invitation for enjoyment to tourists.

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