Top 10 Travel Destinations for this Summer

By on November 25, 2013

Heavenly places that are perfect for specific seasons are numerous on this planet. Every year, some places score over others to become the seasonal top favourite and so, the travel destinations this summer may not be the hot favourite the next season or year.

1. Australia


If the beaches are not enough, there is Lambley Nursery with its acres of expanse covered with plants that bear brilliantly coloured flowers and unusual fruits.

2. Austria


Although it is flocked by tourists in winter, Austria is a perfect summer travel destination. Off-season means more freedom and liberty. Besides, the same places that are ski trails during winter become alleys of wildflowers and greenery. Lodges, restaurants and spas provide the desired luxury.

3. Babylostoren, South Africa

Babylostoren, South Africa

It is a resort in Cape Wineland and is famous for its eco-conscious approach to accommodation and holiday suite. It has a vast kitchen garden, the yield of which influences the menu of the restaurant. Gardening, greenhouse, friendly ducks, etc. create a harmonious atmosphere.

4. Croatia


Another popular summer travel destination, it reminds personalised sets of various beautifully shot fictional shows. There are several places to realise the tranquil of gardens and trails where Red Riding Hood plucked flowers.

5. Giraffe Manor, Nairobi

Giraffe Manor, Nairobi

It could be the most fantastic holiday destination for many. The Giraffe Manor is 1930s private home-turned-hotel at the heart of a giraffe reserve. The giant creatures frequently roam around the villa and do not hesitate to grab a snack through the windows from the hands of careless diner.

6. Italy


The land of cultural, historic and religious significance can never disappoint visitors. Besides, slightly dedicated research will reveal locals who rent their old houses or spare property to tourists. Besides being affordable, they fascinate as they leak others’ lifestyle secrets.

7. Japan


For a different experience this summer, staying at one of the rented rooms in ‘share houses’ in the capital city of Japan could be a good idea. In addition to share houses, many Tokyo residents have started communal garden farms.

8. Nicaragua


The best time to visit Nicaragua is just before the start of tropical monsoon to witness how dry, brittle and dusty land transforms into heavenly lush. The remarkable biodiversity is a bonus for tourists to enjoy and sigh.

9. Spain


Spain can always be counted among the places do visit during summer. All the facilities are available in abundance and the festival running of the Bulls is sure to add the entertainment-cum-thrill factor. Staying at various historic inns could be memorable for a lifetime.

10.The Serengeti

A pride of lions soaking up the mid-day sun. Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Africa in summer may sound like over the top ambition but there are a few eco-conscious companies that offer lodging facility in South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. Visitors can enjoy the camping and hotel experience simultaneously.


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