Top 4 Travel Destinations for Adventure Freaks

By on June 21, 2014

If you always wanted to have that perfect adventurous holiday where your adrenaline was rushing through your veins, then you are at the right place. Just check out these four fantastic places and I assure you that you will get everything you ever wanted to do.

New Zealand

New Zealand

A small and beautiful country that has the world’s most magical mountains, rivers and coastlines offers you lots of adventure sports. Once you are here you can go for river-rafting, trekking, skiing, snowmobiling, ice climbing (the list simply sounds never ending!). And yes if you are here you must go for diving (after all it is considered one of the best options in the world!).


The varied terrains of the country make it a paradise for people who love adventures. If you are here, you can simply try any of the water sports- sailing, white water rafting, speed boating, surfing or whatever. You just name it and you have it here! If somehow you decide to move away from the beaches, you can enjoy the options like hiking and climbing at Ayers Rock and the Blue Mountain.

Travel Destinations for Adventure Freaks


If you love rainforests, Brazil is the place to be at. It has great jungles, beaches and how can you forget the Amazon River. Once you are here you can enjoy the jungle tours or the national parks, where you get to see lots of animals. If you wish you can even go for hiking, climbing etc, though for these you need to move to the southern mountains.

South Africa

They have incredible coastlines and mountains. You can go for sand boarding, mountain biking etc. If you are a water person, you can opt for scuba diving, shark diving and so on. But in case you like bungee jumping, this is a must visit for you. They have the world’s highest bungee jumping point (216 m).The world’s highest abseil is also to their credit.

So what are you waiting for? Get up, pack your bags and get going. The great mountains, wonderful beaches, beautiful forests, everything is waiting for you with arms wide open. Just go and get yourself soaked in the beauty of nature.

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