Top 5 Scariest Places in Los Angeles

By on September 23, 2014

Los Angeles, also known as the city of Angels has some scariest places that can scare anyone in this world. The following are the top 5 scariest places in Los Angeles that has a terrific ghost story behind them.

Bela Lugosi’s Apartment

Bela Lugosi's Apartment


The Universal Studio’s most reputed persons Dracula died in this apartment in the year 1956 and it is said that people are witnessing his ghost sitting inside the apartment. The reason behind his death is still one among the unsolved mystery and the local people fear to walk around this apartment.

Beverly Hills – The Bermuda Triangle

Beverly Hills - The Bermuda Triangle

This strange triangle has been the scariest places in Los Angeles as many people meet up with accidents or get murdered for no reason. A plane even hit the houses nearby the Beverly Hills during the year 1946 and the local people still fear while passing through the Beverly hills.

Hollywood Wax Museum

Hollywood Wax Museum

This museum has the wax statues of all the popular actors in Hollywood. It also holds the wax statues of people who have been dead for many years. The wax statues are made in a way to make them look real and many people find it as the scariest place to witness their favorite dead actors standing alive in this museum.

Linda Vista Hospital

Linda Vista Hospital

This hospital declined from providing service to the public since 1991 and the local people believe that many people who died while taking treatment in this hospital has been wandering around in the form of ghosts. The hospital corridor is the place where the local people have witnessed the ghosts of many dead people standing together.

Silent Movie Theatre

Silent Movie Theatre

The silent movie theatre shows silent films to the public since 1942 and the owner of this theatre was shot dead inside the theatre due to various conflicts with a gang. The candy-counter girl was also found dead inside the theatre.

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