Visit Venice for a Completely New Experience

By on July 20, 2015

Venice is one of the popular places to visit in Italy. It is considered among the most beautiful cities in the world and is commonly known as city of water and the city of light. Venice is one of the best travel destinations. Venice has an array of nice comfortable and relaxing hotels for the guests to stay.

There are a number of famous destinations in Venice for the visitors to explore. You can visit Doge’s Palace, A Gothic palace that was the residence of the Doge of Venice in ancient times. If you have interest in visiting places of historic importance then you can add the most sacral building called the Saint Mark’s Basilica, the cathedral of Venice that is one of the best pieces of Byzantine architecture.

Visit Venice

Explore Venice that has a variety of canals to see like the famous Grand Canal, which is one of the remarkable canals. The Grand Canal is spanned by famous Rialto Bridge. You can stay in any of the exquisite hotels as they are lined up near the canal. If you want to visit a religious place then you are recommended to visit the Baroque Church Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute, which is commonly known simply as the Salute, which contains embossed altars and beautiful marble inlays.

Among the various places to visit in Venice Italy is the Venice Film Festival, at the Lido, an 18-km/11-mile-long sandbar, where you will also find numerous noble hotels. You will get comfortable and quick service of waterbuses and motorboats in Venice to move from one place to other.

Visit Venice

If you in Venice for your holiday then you must try to explore Venice as much as you can. You can visit Island of Murano, where you can see Venetian glass being blown in the traditional manner. A similar experience can be had by visiting another small island called Burano, where the most delicate Venetian lace is still being handmade.

Make your evening delightful by going to remarkable bars and restaurants. Walk around the area around Campo di Santa Margarita, which has a lot of upbeat bars, student haunts and good restaurants. Visit Venice! This holiday, enjoy to the fullest and add sweet memories to your life.

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