World’s Cheapest Destinations On Budget

By on May 22, 2014

Want to explore the globe without overburdening the accounts too much?? It may be sounding a bit untrue, but there are places across the world, where the travel can be exciting as well as economic to offer the wonderful vacations in the stipulated budget. Here is a list of a few cheapest destinations to travel to, on a budget that you will approve straight away.

1. Berlin: This beautiful city in Germany is the first one in the list of recommendations. Unlike the Western European cities, this place is extremely economical for a memorable vacation at a panoramic land. Accommodation, local transport and pubs in the city offer a great value of money, in terms of the quality of services.


2. Seville: This city in Spain will keep you amazed at the costs tagged to its services. With most of the basic amenities affordable at the single digit values, it is wonderful roaming around Spain while you stay in Seville. Around this city, the nearby places offer an equally high value of service within the budget. It can be a wonderful opportunity to feel the otherwise unaffordable high-end lifestyle of Spain.


3. Bolivia: South America is a beautiful continent, but an equally expensive land. Most of its countries are unimaginably high-ended. Fortunately, Bolivia carries the glimpse of the entire continent with its sights full of adventure, nature and beauty. Once in South America, you can plan to stay and explore most of the continent being in Bolivia for a while.


4. Ethiopia: This is a far cheaper and amazingly surprising country than the people know it to be. There are some very famous churches, some great historic volcanoes, the lakes which will tempt you to the core and a range of high peaking mountains. And all of that at the budget which is affordable by a major percentage of the travelers. This is definitely the place where you can expect more than you will be spending during the stay.


5. Nepal: For a change, why not visit and explore this country in Asia, which is known for its local lifestyle that is unaltered since centuries. The historian may love it for the religion and faith amongst the mass, the rest of the travelers may enjoy the place for its authentic nature. Staying at the local accommodation and savoring the local delicacies of the place will leave you wondering how much you saved after an exciting long vacation in the country.


6. Prague: This European city is extremely vivid and natural if you plan to walk around the place on foot. However, the decision of staying in the hostel is the key to the savings here. At a good bargain of hostel services at affordable rates, the savings can be further utilized in exploring the deeper and varied attractions throughout this city.


7. Colombia: Learn the basic Spanish and land at any of the budget accommodations in this country. You will love the excursions and the sightseeing, which is unparalleled.


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