How to Get Through Airport Security Checks with Sex Toys

By on November 15, 2016

Getting intimate is a primal and ingrained basic instinct that needs to be satiated like hunger. And you’re more likely to indulge in unadulterated sexual escapades when you’re travelling or vacationing in an exotic spot. You might also be tempted to carry a couple of vibrators or dildos, especially if you’re sojourning alone or when you need to have a release when your partner is not around. TSAs in airports across the US are used to seeing flyers carrying sex toys in their handbags or purses and these items are screened in combination with other pieces of luggage.

It’s perfectly legal to possess or travel with sex toys in and around the US but there are countries where carrying the same is not permitted. To safely pass through the security checkpoint(s) at most airports around the world without facing a barrage of uncomfortable posers (that might cause unwarranted embarrassment in public) for packing a handful of strap-on handcuffs or vibrators, just remember the following guidelines.

Keep the toys deactivated or turned off

Nothing could be more embarrassing than your leather harness or plastic dildo suddenly starting to buzz just when you it’s turn to be frisked or screened. Just imagine the mocking guffaws and peels of derisive laughter all around you. If your toys are battery-operated, the solution lies in taking out the cells or batteries before you pack the same inside your purse or handbag. In case your vibrator runs on rechargeable batteries, drain the charge completely prior to putting the toy inside.

How to Get Through Airport Security Checks with Sex Toys

Think small

The size or sizes of the toys you pack can and does make a difference to whether you or your baggage will be painstakingly combed or not. Anything exceeding 7 inches or 17.5cms might raise eyebrows, especially made from plastics or hardwoods. Also be wary about carrying bullwhips, whips, sharp or pointed items or objects resembling clubs, and batons. On the other hand, it is completely legal and hence safe to carry ropes, harnesses fabricated from fabric, buckles or leather, manacles, handcuffs, 3oz containers filled with brews, concoctions or lubes, and toys shorter or smaller than 7 inches.

Don’t be too secretive

Sex toys have come to be accepted as secondary sexual objects and so there is nothing to feel embarrassed about packing in and carrying the same. You don’t need to bury them beneath layers of clothes or below other pieces of baggage. Putting the toys in one of your hand luggage or in a shoulder-bag will enable the security personnel to screen the same comfortably instead of having to open your suitcase and sift through your belongings to check the gizmos.

Be confident and straightforward

If you’re in the habit of using the toys, there’s nothing to feel ashamed or uncomfortable about acknowledging the same when screeners haul you up. Getting unnecessarily edgy or jittery will not help your cause and so you’d be better off staying calm and composed.

Research extensively on the net about the do’s and don’ts on carrying sex toys particularly if you’re travelling beyond the national borders.

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