How to Make Sure Your Road Trip is a Success

By on December 15, 2016

A road trip is a very effective way of destressing yourself. It allows you to explore new destinations comfortably and cherish new experiences. For those who have their own car, it can be even more pleasurable because in that case, you are completely free to drive and stop wherever you want, whenever you want (as long as you obey the traffic rules). But often we observe that people take the decision to go on a trip at the last moment in a state of excitement, i.e. without any planning. This results in avoidable mistakes which can be corrected with a bit of planning beforehand. Just like how we need to plan for our flight/cruise/rail trip in advance, the same goes when you hit the road in your own car.

One of the biggest irritating moments in a road trip is when your car suddenly runs out of fuel. This can happen because of various reasons: either you did not check the amount of fuel available in the tank, or the tank is leaking, or you underestimated the amount of fuel that would be required in order to reach the destination. Each of these issues can be dealt with if you plan properly.

How to Make Sure Your Road Trip is a Success

As a checklist, just like how we don’t forget to put in the luggage before heading off on a trip, we shouldn’t forget to make sure that the car is in proper working order and has sufficient fuel available. Its brakes, gears, tires, steering, etc. must be functioning well and it should be able to tolerate the harsh conditions of a long drive depending on the weather and the roads.

Many of these components of the car’s body are dependent on regular servicing and maintenance, such as wheel alignment, oil refilling, etc. So it pays to regularly look after your car. This will also reduce the possibility of accidents on the road because a badly maintained car is more likely to create an accident.

These days modern technology has given us many useful tools such as GPS-enabled maps, real-time traffic conditions, etc. So before going on a trip we should make use of these tools. Many of these tools are free to use. We should know the route to be taken in order to reach the destination. Using this information, we can get the accurate distance (according to turn-by-turn directions) and then we should make sure that we always have more fuel than necessary to cover that distance. It also helps to have a list of fuel stations that are on the route, so that we can seek help in case of any emergency situations. If there are multiple routes to reach the destination, we should check which route is less busy and accordingly we should make our fuel calculations depending on whether it is longer/shorter than the other route(s).

Last but not the least, because of the ever-increasing amount of traffic on the roads, it often takes longer than estimated to reach the destination. During this time, the weather, road conditions, etc. can change and sometimes even natural calamities such as floods, earthquakes, landslides, etc. can occur. So we should make it a point to stay updated with the news both before and during traveling so that we don’t get stuck and are well-prepared for any situation.

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