An Underwater Hotel is closer to reality than you think

By on December 7, 2015

Many travelers like to go scuba diving and snorkeling, there are even some who love to check out coral reefs such as at the Great Barrier Reef. Some of the more adventurous ones try to capture photographs of sharks and other predators in the midst of the sea. But for most travelers, the concept of an underwater hotel is merely science fiction. We have already heard about companies in the race for space tourism, and many potential passengers have already signed up for the same. Some have even volunteered for a one-way ticket to Mars! But so far nobody has thought of actually living underwater beyond a few hours of diving.

That is about to change now. You will soon be able to book an underwater hotel room and have the experience of a lifetime which will literally not leave you high and dry! The locations to watch out for are some pretty obvious choices: Hawaii, Egypt, Bahamas and Malaysia. These are some of the locations that the designers have indicated as their preferences.

Underwater Hotel is closer to reality than you think

The US Patent and Trademark office has granted its approval to the Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel as the first ever underwater hotel in the world. It is said that patrons will be able to enjoy a unique panorama of sea-floor life, nearly nine meters below the surface. While this depth is certainly not as deep as many lakes are, it is certainly deeper than most swimming pools.

The project certainly seems to be very ambitious. The target is to allow for the construction of a luxury underwater hotel that delivers a premium experience. These will come with sealed elevators and will be constructed at multiple places around the world. The target audience is adventure tourists.

According to Tony Webb, who is the forefather of the design, this type of tourism is referred as inner space tourism.

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