Attention Solano Residents! Your Travel Safety Plan is up for Review

By on December 15, 2015

In any democratic government, participation of the public in the legislation process is very important in order to ensure that every stakeholder is adequately represented. Public safety is one of the main responsibilities of the government. The same also applies when travel authorities plan for the safety of people in order to ensure smooth and secure movement of both pedestrians as well as vehicles.

Solano’s residents can now look forward to getting their hands on a draft plan dealing with travel safety for the coming year. The Solano Transportation Authority has made the draft available on their official website. Members of the public are free to go through the draft and provide their inputs accordingly. They have till the 10th of January to give their opinion about the draft plan.

The Solano Transportation Authority

The plan is aimed as a helping tool for the STA in order to determine the relative priority of funding different projects and programs which deal with safety issues in different places. The first such plan was developed in 1998 and a newer version was released in 2005.

The plan currently details 76 sites for ongoing work, as well as suggested changes in order to increase the safety at these locations. These include multiple locations in Fairfield, Suisun City, Vacaville, Rio Vista, Dixon, Vallejo, Benicia and also certain areas which are yet to be incorporated into the county.

The proposed changes naturally vary in their work requirements as per the demands of the location. For instance, at some places it is suggested to replace the current reflective markers, whereas some other sites require establishing traffic signals at busy intersections. Still others need to have roundabouts installed in order to smoothen the flow, whereas many locations need to have devices capable of issuing advance warning in order to minimize the potential risks for accidents. A majority of the work in the unincorporated areas calls for widening roads and laying out 4-feet-wide shoulders.

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