Biometrics is Coming Soon to Change Your Traveling Experience

By on December 4, 2015

Traveling is an activity where it always helps to have security checks at different stages, but this is not the only area where travel companies are experimenting with biometrics. Passengers these days like to have their travel experience customized to their liking without needing to explicitly state their preferences each time, such as a suitable arrangement of furniture in a hotel room or even the colour of the car for rental. And since biometrics makes the genuine identification of a person easy, this is where it is being increasingly used.

Such customization of different activities gives a personal touch to make each passenger’s experience and it naturally helps the travel company not only to bring in additional revenue but also to maintain the customer’s loyalty.

Biometrics is Coming Soon to Change Your Traveling Experience

However, Boxever, an Ireland-based company that surveys the market for customers’ experiences with travel companies, conducted a survey with respect to the use of biometrics to improve the traveling experience, and it reveals some startling findings. While many travelers indeed want a hassle-free experience, not many are hopeful about that actually becoming a reality. They feel that the use of biometrics may involve storage and sharing of sensitive personal data and they are not entirely comfortable entrusting that responsibility to travel companies.

This trend is visible even in the younger generations, people who would be otherwise believed to be at home with the latest technology. They believe that using techniques like fingerprint recognition, face detection, etc. might result in the IT systems of travel companies becoming an attractive target for hackers. They are of the opinion that the risks of using such techniques involving sensitive data far outweigh the meager benefits that it can provide. And in a world where marketing companies go all out to track the customer’s behaviour, there is always a worry about the data being misused.

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