Carry Your Online Content with You While Traveling in the EU

By on December 9, 2015

The European commission has proposed for allowing travelers to be able to access their subscribed online content when they visit other member nations. This would potentially enable travelers to enjoyNetflix and other such video/film subscription services even when going abroad. Likewise, it would also extend to sports, TV series and games subscriptions, no matter whether you are on a business visit or out on a holiday.

Currently there are certain issues related to intellectual property because of which consumers are not allowed to access their subscribed content when they are traveling to another country.

This is part of a greater series of efforts being undertaken in order to boost Europe’s digital economy. The EC also proposed to call for greater protection of consumer rights when people across Europe buy goods and content of a digital nature, while simultaneously boosting the digital sales of the content providers.


Currently, the general trend in Europe is that consumers prefer to buy from companies located in the same country. Legal documentations issues, as well as the helplessness of customers in cases when they are not able to use the content which has been obtained from another country, have spurred the EC to make such a move. There are also concerns among buyers which would otherwise apply to any physical goods as well when ordered through e-commerce websites, such as non-delivery, damaged-in-transit and warranty.

The EC is of the view that the chief terms and conditions for such sale should be the same in the European union.

On the other hand, some content producers are naturally uneasy over this proposal, because it makes certain things unclear about the obligations of distributors vis-a-vis the actual creators of the content. Like any other proposal, this too will need to be agreed to by all the member nations as well as with the European parliament, before it becomes a law.

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