Complaints by Airline Passengers Steadily increasing

By on December 14, 2015

While the general trend in air travel is that passenger fares are steadily coming down as compared to the costs of inflation, passengers are increasingly beginning to get very picky in terms of their preferences and have been vocal in expressing their displeasure about various factors that affect their experience. For instance, lowering of airfares has resulted in higher congestion, not just in terms of the number of passengers on a flight as airlines increasingly look forward to deploy large aircrafts, but also in terms of the number of flights on/around the airport waiting for a clearance to take-off/land, which is once again a result of increasing competition.

Complaints by Airline Passengers

The International Air Transport Association recently conducted a survey and found that passengers wanted to pass through the security queue in less than 10 minutes. It also observed that a majority of them were not prepared to spend more than three minutes for handing over the checked luggage.

The bigger slice of the pie when it came to complaints was actually related to events that happen once they are inside the aircraft, such as the size of the seat and even in-flight service. Many believe that this has happened because today passengers are spoilt for choice and have heightened expectations.

Another reason behind this is also because airlines today split their pricing across multiple components, unlike how passengers were charged for several years ago. Airlines do this in order to maximize revenue per passenger and this also brings in some degree of transparency but this often leads to a lot of uncertainty in terms of the payable amount(s) on the part of the passenger, and often these amounts are not finally realized till the time you actually get on board. So even though the actual cost of traveling when viewed purely from a distance perspective has beaten inflation so far, the quality of service in many aspects lags behind the perception of the passenger.

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