New agreement signed by ACCC to benefit travel booking sites along with the hotels in Australia

By on September 3, 2016

There has been a new law set by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. From now on the hotels in Australia will not be allowed to promote cheaper deals when compared to the rates provided in the other travel platforms. The main aim has been to look out for the benefit of the consumers and provide them better deals. The hotels can provide better deals only if the consumer calls them directly and not through their websites. When it comes to online booking the consumer commission wants the consumers to take advantage of a wider platform and use other online travel websites.

travel booking sites along with the hotels in Australia

The consumers get the flexibility to choose the deal that they want but there is still a long way to go. It is important for the authorities to understand that online travel agents have always tried to stop the hotels from providing better discounts. There should be a law that in favour of both the hotels as well as the online travel booking sites. This step was taken to have fair competition and prevent any confusion among the consumers. Expedia did not have the right to offer low priced deals to the consumers due to anti-competition laws. This new legislation brings back hopes for companies like Expedia and Wotif. According to this agreement the consumers will be able to see the deals in different travel booking sites and call the hotels directly.

It automatically benefits the hotels as well as the online booking sites. As the hotels will not be allowed to show the deals on their website and the online travel booking sites can let the consumers know the discounts through their website. Once the consumer finds a deal attractive they would be calling the hotel directly and gets a better deal direly from the hotels.

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