Outbreak of Zika in Florida is forcing travelers to reconsider their trip in winter

By on September 29, 2016

Florida is one of the popular tourist destinations in USA. The most charming sightseeing spot of this place is Miami Beach which is quite ideal for having morning walk, scuba diving, and other outdoor activities. However with the outbreak of a mosquito borne disease called Zika in Florida, the influx of tourists have been reduced to a significant extent. Although the administrative authority of this US province is putting great effort in combating this disease but it has failed to convince the travelers.

Many people are now considering twice before planning their tour of Florida during winter. As per the Allianz Global Assistance, the influx of tourists from America has been dropped up to 15% since the outbreak of this locally transmitted disease. But as the disease is mainly concentrated on the southern region of the province, there is a significant rise in enthusiasm among tourists to visit the less explored northern regions like Pensacola, Tallahassee and Destin.

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The southern part of Florida including Miami Beach and its Wynwood neighborhood has long been declared forbidden for the travelers due to the presence of Zika virus by CDC during the month of August. But Wnwood’s travel warning has been lifted on the month of September by CDC but still it has failed to instill confidence among the tourists.

The occurrence of Zika was first occurred in Caribbean region which later on spread in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Mexico. With every warning issued by CDC there has been significant report of flight and booking cancellations in these places. It has been found that most of these cancellations are done by young couples and pregnant women. It is because this disease is capable of affecting infants flourishing in mother’s womb.

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